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We're going to help you learn your New Zealand using the mock theory tests at www.drivingtests.co.nz.
This will help you get your learner licence quicker. Today we'll look at the signs sections.
There are 44 questions in total, and we'll break this video into two lots of 22 questions.
These are the second 22. This blue sign shows that this area is a pedestrian
route only. This green sign shows children. You may also
see the sign in yellow, but it means the same thing: watch for children crossing.
This yellow sign shows light rail will be crossing the road ahead.
What colour flashing lights do maintenance vehicles use? Red lights are used by ambulances
and fire engines. Red and blue lights are used by police cars. Yellow and purple lights
are used by pilot vehicles, and yellow lights are used by maintenance vehicles.
When coming up to a one-lane bridge, what does this sign indicate? The white arrow is
on your side and pointing upwards. The red arrow is for traffic coming towards you. This
indicates that you have right of way if it's safe to proceed.
If there's another vehicle already on the bridge you must give way to that vehicle.
But if not, you are safe to proceed and other vehicles will yield to you.
This is a speed limit sign showing that the maximum speed is 100kph for a car. Don't get
confused and click D because not all vehicles are allowed to do 100kph. For example, if
you are towing a trailer you can only do 90kph. The answer is B: a car can drive up to 100kph
if the weather is OK. This sign is often seen near roadworks and
it indicates that the left lane is closed and traffic will need to merge from the left
into the right-hand lane. This yellow sign shows that there will be
a slight right-hand bend followed by a sharper left-hand bend, and the recommended comfortable
speed for that left-hand bend is 35kph. If it's raining you may want to take that corner
slower again. Which type of vehicle does this sign apply
to? Select all that apply. If we think about this question, what it's showing is that the
maximum height is 4.65m. So, you might see this sign on a bridge, and therefore there's
4.65m of space underneath that bridge for vehicles to pass. So, obviously this is going
to apply to high vehicles. It could equally apply to wide vehicles because
a wide vehicle could also be high or it could be towing a trailer with something that's
high on it. Long vehicles, again, could be tall vehicles. And heavy vehicles could also
exceed that 4.65m. Therefore the answer is A, B, C and D.
This sign shows a speed limit of 50kph. Don't be confused by the trick answer 50mph. New
Zealand's speed limits are in kph. Which of these signs won't you see at a railway
level crossing? Sign A shows there's a crossing with a give way. Therefore if you are driving
up to the crossing and you can look up the crossing to the left and the right and see
there are no trains coming then you can proceed. If there is a train coming then you will stop
and wait for it. Sign B shows a railway crossing with a stop
sign. This is a compulsory stop. You must stop at the railway crossing, check whether
it's safe to proceed and if it is safe, then you can go.
Sign D is a sign showing that there's a railway crossing ahead. Sign C is the correct answer.
This shows a one-way bridge where you don't have the right of way.
What does this sign mean? It's a blue sign with an I pointing to the
right and it shows the direction to a tourist information centre.
This sign shows you are prohibited from turning left.
This sign is often seen around roadworks. It means that the road ahead may have loose
stones and therefore you should slow down. The stones can be flicked up by your wheel
and they can hit pedestrians and cyclists, or motorcyclists, and they can smash the windscreens
of other vehicles. This white sign shows that a bus stop is to
the left and the right of the sign. There's no parking in the bus stop except for buses.
What must you do at an intersection controlled by a give way sign? Select all that apply.
If you are turning, you must give way to all vehicles that are turning. Therefore A is
correct. If you are turning right then you must give
way to vehicles coming towards you, including those turning left. For example if you're
at a crossroads where both facing vehicles are at a give way sign, you're turning right,
and the car facing you is turning left, you must give way to that car turning left. So
B is correct. C, give way to all traffic on a continuing
road (which is the top of the T) if you are on the terminating road (which is the bottom
of the T). So, in this example, you've driven up to a T junction, you're waiting and you
have to look left and right to see if there's traffic coming up the road, you must give
way to that traffic. Therefore C is correct, too.
This sign shows that the national speed limit now applies, and therefore the speed limit
is now 100kph. It doesn't mean that it's necessarily safe to do 100kph, and you will often see
these signs on roads that are fairly windy where it's difficult to do 100kph.
This white sign with a black arrow pointing upwards indicates that this lane must proceed
straight ahead. This sign means no parking.
This sign means that you should watch out for cattle on the road.
This blue sign shows a white arrow on the left pointing up and a smaller red arrow pointing
down. The white arrow indicates that you have priority over vehicles coming towards you.
You will often see this sign in conjunction with a narrow bridge sign.
This sign indicates there's an accident ahead. You must slow down to 20kph or less until
you have passed the site of the accident. Once you've finished your test you will see
your result. Remember to either recommend us on Facebook, +1 us on Google or Tweet us,
then have a go at a different test.


教你在紐西蘭怎麼看指標、開車 (Driving test - NZ Road Code - Signs 23-44)

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