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  • Just a week after the ISIS attacks in Paris, an affiliate of al-Qaeda opened fire on tourists

  • in a Mali hotel. Although both groups seem to have the same broad goal of destabilizing

  • and terrorizing Western supported nations, they are actually bitter rivals. In 2015,

  • al-Qaeda’s leader said that ISIS they did not represent all Muslims, and were illegitimate,

  • which some referred to as a declaration of war. The latest attack on Mali is considered

  • a continuation of this back and forth battle. So we wanted to know, why do ISIS and al-Qaeda

  • hate each other?

  • Well, ISIS was actually born directly out of al-Qaeda. The terrorist group’s original

  • goal was to popularize and expand the idea of global jihad, instead of having numerous,

  • weaker groups. But after 9/11, al-Qaeda was forced to hide, and its leader Osama bin Laden

  • was killed. Meanwhile, an al-Qaeda affiliate in Iraq, called AQI, saw greater and greater

  • success by using outright brutality to shock and attract potential recruits. When the Syrian

  • Civil War broke out, the Iraqi affiliate made moves into Syria. This angered al-Qaeda leaders,

  • who wanted a different affiliate, the al-Nusra Front, to head the conflict. By February 2014,

  • infighting led to al-Qaeda denouncing their relationship with the AQI, which was now known

  • as the Islamic State of Iraq and ISIS.

  • Since then, the two groups have terrorized and killed huge numbers of people. And although

  • it may seem like their goals differ based on which one wants more power in the global

  • jihad, they are actually seeking very different outcomes.

  • Al-Qaeda is predominantly focused on taking down the United States, which they see as

  • the main backer of anti-Islamic or falsely-Islamic groups in the Middle East. Their broad goal

  • is to force the US and its Western allies out of the region, to allow their envisioned

  • Islamic government to operate freely.

  • ISIS, on the other hand, is considerably less focused on attacking the United States. Their

  • goals are primarily domestic. They involve taking over Iraq and Syria in order to establish

  • the basis for their global caliphate. However, recent threats, and the attacks in Paris,

  • suggest that their terrorism targets are expanding. Effectively, al-Qaeda wants to destabilize

  • the West, while ISIS wants to stabilize their portion of the East.

  • Their tactics differ radically as well. Although both commit acts of terrorism, ISIS uses terrorism

  • as a weapon of war, which they are actively engaged in as they move through Iraq and Syria.

  • However, al-Qaeda uses terrorism as more of a propaganda tool, bombing foreign countries

  • to incite allied Muslims, and frighten western forces. Additionally, while al-Qaeda sees

  • non-Sunni Muslims as not true believers, they are not focused on killing them. However,

  • ISIS has intentionally targeted non-Sunnis, and other religious minorities, in an effort

  • topurifythe Muslim community. The rivalry has even reportedly led to recent

  • suicide attacks by al-Qaeda against ISIS.

  • In short, ISIS and al-Qaeda are not only attempting to be the default leaders of the Muslim world,

  • but their approaches are distinctly opposite, and incompatible. So which is the greater

  • threat? Well, ISIS has seen considerably more success in their goals. Theyve been able

  • to control their territory, institute a government, bolster an organized army, and they pose a

  • huge threat to neighboring Middle Eastern countries. Still, some security analysts say

  • that this rivalry makes both groups weaker, and ultimately easier to defeat.

  • Another terrorist group rivaling ISIS in the Middle East may be more powerful than you

  • think. To find out whether ISIS or the Taliban are a greater global threat, check out this

  • video. (sound up) Thanks for watching TestTube News! Be sure to like and subscribe to watch

  • more of our videos. Have a great one.

Just a week after the ISIS attacks in Paris, an affiliate of al-Qaeda opened fire on tourists


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為什麼ISIS和基地組織互相仇視? (Why Do ISIS And al-Qaeda Hate Each Other?)

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