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  • The hair condition of this model is the typical type seen in salon.

    這位模特兒的髮況 是一般沙龍店常遇到的類型

  • So much hair volume and very dense.


  • That's why I start with adjusting hair volume.


  • Then I'll clip short in the back, cut the length and finish with styling.

    後面的部分推短再剪長度 最後做造型設計

  • First of all, I use Texturizing scissors 4Ea it's for less hair volume.

    首先我使用髮量少專用的4Ea 這把韋恩智慧型組合調量刀

  • Texturize next to the scalp To remove redundant hair volume.


  • For customers with too much hair volume you use 4Ea to texturize next to the scalp.

    針對髮量超多的顧客 使用4Ea在貼頭皮處做調量處理

  • 4Ea is the one and only texturizing scissors in the world to texturize next to the scalp.

    全世界只有這支4Ea調量刀 能貼頭皮調量

  • Please rest assured to use 4Ea because it removes only 6%.

    可以很放心地使用4Ea做調量 因為4Ea去髮量只有6%

  • Not too much volume.


  • It's easy to control your client's hair volume in the most fabulous status.

    能讓顧客的髮量 控制在最美的狀態

  • Texturize at this position can remove the desired volume completely.

    調在這個位置可以讓量感 做到很棒的完全去量

  • Giving a dimension and transparent look.


  • I keep the length in the front and razor short in the back.

    我保留前面的髮長 後面用電剪推短

  • Then, I use two pairs of Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors.

    接下來我使用兩支 韋恩智慧型組合剪刀

  • Styling Series 4Ed and Cutting Series 4E.

    分別是造型類剪刀4Ed 及裁剪類剪刀4E

  • To cut the length and also finish styling and texturizing at the same time.

    來做長度的裁剪 並同步做塑型及調量的效果

  • Considering the convenience of cutting and the direction of hair flow. on this side, I cut with left hand.

    這邊的髮流 我用左手來裁剪比較方便

  • From this direction everyone can see more clearly as well.

    髮流方向比較對 各位可以看得比較清楚

  • I cut the contour line and design the extension on his front area.

    首先我做輪廓線上的裁剪 前面頭髮則設計一個延伸的感覺

  • Later I'll demonstrate a special effect to manage hair.


  • I put Vern latest products Vern bridges.

    我加入韋恩最新的產品 韋恩晶鑽間隔方塊

  • Between 4E and 4Ed.


  • You can see quite clearly the space between two scissors are widened.

    大家可以很清楚的看到 兩支剪刀的間隔被拉開

  • At the middle of hair I use slanting cut to create very natural and soft wispy effect.

    我在髮中處做斜調的動作 創造非常自然輕柔的空間束感

  • At hair ends, I cut to make layers stand out.

    在髮尾處做裁剪 讓層次感更美

  • This side I use right hand.


  • Which makes it easy to cut and presents more fantastic style.

    不只下刀容易 把髮型表現得更美

  • Vern Both-handed Perfect Cutting can overcome any difficulties


  • you've come across in one-hand operation.

    能徹底地克服單手操作 所遇到的各種障礙

  • This method allows hairstylitst to freely use any tools to show professional techniques.

    讓設計師恣意地運用各種刀具 及展現各式專業技術手法

  • And to enjoy every moment of creation with confidence health and happiness.

    自信、健康、快樂 享受創作的每一刻

  • Meanwhile, clients have perfect new looks with fashion and personality within a very short time time.

    使消費者也能在最短時間 獲得符合時尚以及個人風格的完美新造型

  • You can finger comb the hair to make sure whether the volume and wispy effects are satisfactory.

    用手去撥來確認量感 與空間束感是否有到定位

  • Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors are based on the concept of cutting.

    韋恩智慧型組合剪刀 是以能邊剪邊調量的概念

  • While texturizing to create hairstyle.


  • Plus Vern Bridges, you can double the effects of scissors.

    再加上韋恩晶鑽間隔方塊 能讓剪刀的效果加倍

  • Control the volume and wispy effect more precisely.


  • This type of tools is able to cut texturize and style at the same step.

    這樣的工具能同步 進行裁剪、調量及塑形

  • It makes cutting relaxing and simple.


  • Saves working time and creates delicate perfect hairtyle.

    並節省更多工作時間 又能設計出精緻完美的髮型

  • I style and texturize his hair to give better support.

    我幫他的頭髮做了塑型及調量 讓他整體髮型的支撐點更好

  • And make hair ends curve more to give fuller effect.


  • You can see I finish this style very easily and efficiently.


  • Let your client feel the perfect volume with his fingers such a big difference.

    讓顧客親手抓看看 感受一下這種有別以往的完美量感

  • This cutting also makes it easy for clients to manage the hair at home.

    同時這樣的剪法 讓顧客回家也很好整理

  • Stylists gain a sense of achievement and enjoy higher customer loyalty.

    不僅讓設計師擁有成就感 也能帶來更高的顧客忠誠度

  • On his right side I blowdry with a small side sectioning.

    最後在他右邊的頭髮 我吹整了一個小分線的造型

  • Adding a bit creativity can bring client a fashionable style with personal charisma.

    只要加入一些小巧思 就能創造個人獨特魅力的時尚髮型

  • This is the end of my cutting


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The hair condition of this model is the typical type seen in salon.

這位模特兒的髮況 是一般沙龍店常遇到的類型


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