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  • Oh, Gary. They're mine.

  • Come on. Here we go. All right.

  • Eyes front. Ready? Hold on. Get the timer going, please.

  • Ready? Now I gotta do it. Go.

  • Okay. It's a brick.

  • Square. Square. Box. Box.

  • Corner. Corner. A dot in the corner.

  • A house. Home plate!

  • Football! Baseball! Sports. A house. A triangle. It's algebra.

  • Okay, it's a house. It's a house.

  • It's a house. Two words.

  • Banana? Chimney, chimney, chimney!

  • A fruit. House. Fruit.

  • Oh, restaurant. Or...

  • No, chimney, chimney. Smoke...

  • Oh, a house call. House call!

  • Oh! House call!

  • Yeah, well, I thought it was a house call.

  • Like a hotel, then it hit me it was a house. Yeah!

  • You're terrific. Absolutely terrific.

  • All right, beat that.

  • Okay, guys, listen. The next one wins, okay?

  • So let's stay focused. Let's stay calm.

  • We can do this. High fives. Let's go. Come on. Let's go.

  • Let's get a mind-meld. Let's try and get a mind-meld, okay?

  • Here we go. Let's go. Mind-meld. I heard you!

  • Don't over-think it. Mind meld. Ready?

  • I heard you! Well, just keep it simple.

  • Shush.

  • Ready? Wait. Go! Here we go! We're mind-melding.

  • Draw faster. It doesn't have to be beautiful,

  • just has to be something we can get. Shoe, shoe...

  • Shoe! Shoe, shoe, shoe.

  • Shoeless Joe Jackson. Draw something different. No one's getting it.

  • Shoe. What, is that a smaller shoe? Baby shoe.

  • Smaller shoe. Baby shoes. Shoes.

  • Baby shoes. Smaller shoe. Gumshoe.

  • Smaller shoes. Gumshoe? Gumshoe?

  • Running Olympics. Inside the shoe.

  • Inside a shoe. A bubble... Lining.

  • Stop pointing at the shoe. We're not... No one's guessing shoe.

  • Stop pointing at the shoe and draw something different.

  • Draw something different. You...

  • Goddamn it! No one's guessing shoe!

  • You drew a big shoe, then a small shoe, and no one got it.

  • You gotta draw something different. Everyone said "shoe" seven times.

  • It's a sock, asshole.

  • You call yourself an artist? Yes!

  • A three-year-old with a box of crayons could do a better job than this.

  • I'm sorry, I don't have the great talent of standing on top of a big red bus

  • and pointing out architecture that other great men have built!

  • I'm the one who should be sorry, Brooke.

  • I shouldn't sit here and pick on your art. No.

  • Because you got the nuts part down, Picasso.

  • All you have to do is cut off your frigging ear.

  • That's Van Gogh, you idiot!

  • And your insults are much more effective when they're accurate.

  • Don't talk to me about being goddamn accurate!

  • I can talk to you about anything that I want.

  • 'Cause you couldn't even draw a sock.

  • You don't do anything right! You're a lazy...

  • Everyone said, "Shoe, shoe, shoe!"

  • At first, I figured that the split was just something temporary,

Oh, Gary. They're mine.


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The Break-Up (7/10) Movie CLIP - Game Night (2006) HD (The Break-Up (7/10) Movie CLIP - Game Night (2006) HD)

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