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  • In early September 2015, Russia deployed military tanks and cargo planes into Syria, despite

  • Western warnings that Russian involvement could escalate the Syrian civil war. Syria

  • has been called Russia’s closest ally in the middle east, and one of its last. Today,

  • Russia openly supports the current Syrian regime. So why does Russia love Syria?

  • Well, In the early 20th century, many Arab nations like Syria, obtained their independence

  • from Western colonial powers. They began to assert themselves via the Arab Nationalist

  • Movement, and rejected Western dominance. This led to a number of Middle Eastern countries

  • siding with the similarly anti-Western USSR during the Cold War. In turn the soviet union

  • provided some financial and military support. Additionally, the creation of Israel in 1948

  • was resented by many Arab countries, including Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

  • Between 1955 and 1960, the Soviets gave Syria more than $200 million dollars in military

  • aid in exchange for greater Soviet influence and increased foreign trade. In 1971, they

  • were allowed to use a Syrian port for their own ships patrolling the Mediterranean Sea.

  • That same year, the Assad family seized control of Syria. The new leader installed a hereditary

  • authoritarian regime, using the Soviet model for a single party police state.

  • Since then, Syria has been riddled with economic, social and human rights problems. But Russia

  • remains in support of the Assad regime. In 2012, Russia, along with China, vetoed a UN

  • resolution to sanction Syria’s government for human rights abuses. This was after the

  • military under current President Bashar al-Assad, was accused of firing on civilians during

  • government protests. On multiple occasions, Russia has pledged tocontinue supporting

  • Syriaagainst terrorism and outside influence.

  • One expert attributes this relationship to the fact that Russia is running out of stable

  • allies in the Middle East due to chaotic Arab Spring regime changes. The turmoil in Iraq,

  • Egypt and Libya has been very unprofitable for Russia, who had previously strong alliances

  • with those countries. For instance, in 2011, after the fall of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi,

  • Russia claims to have lost more than $4 billion dollars in arms contracts.

  • US officials have made it clear that it would beunconscionable for any party, including

  • the Russians, to provide any support to the Assad regime.” However, it’s in Russia’s

  • best interest to keep its main ally in the Middle East unified and stable. As long as

  • Assad remains in power, Syria and Russia will continue to cooperate.

  • While the United States has serious issues with Russia and Syria’s alliance, Russia could care

  • lessbecause Russia doesn’t really like the U.S. To learn more, watch this video.

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In early September 2015, Russia deployed military tanks and cargo planes into Syria, despite


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俄羅斯為什麼喜歡敘利亞? (Why Does Russia Love Syria?)

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