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  • Top 10 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For You

  • 10. Chili Peppers

  • Chili peppers are usually reserved for pizzas, curries, and rock stars wearing nothing but

  • strategically-placed tube socks. Though most would consider them an addition to food at

  • most, solely reserved for making food slightly more manly these bad boys should be the main

  • course. They have more Vitamin C than oranges; in fact, they contain more Vitamin C than

  • any other food, containing your entire recommended daily allowance per pepper!

  • 9. Horse Meat

  • Although current events have made it sound a little macabre, horse meat isn’t anything

  • new. Not to mention that the animal gives meat that’s leaner than virtually every

  • other meat available on the market, as well as being far cheaper. Then again, weve

  • all seen War Horse; could you really eat an animal that may have been related to a war

  • hero? If so, good for you, youve made a sound health decision. Enjoy your horse energy

  • and potential warrior-soul-infused steak.

  • 8. Watermelon

  • Watermelon is usually seen as a summer snack, nothing more than an alternative to giving

  • their kids the candy they’d obviously prefer. But watermelon is chock full of iron. How

  • much, you ask? More than freaking spinach. Popeye, youve been lying to yourself all

  • these years.

  • 7. Almonds

  • Almonds, AKA what marzipan is supposed to taste like, are definitely something you should

  • eat more of; they contain unsaturated fats, tons of vitamins, and more fiber than you

  • shake a stick at. They contain so much fiber, in fact, youll be unable to do anything

  • except muse on how you can now set a watch to your stool.

  • 6. Basil

  • If youre not putting basil in everything you cook, up to and including cereal, cakes,

  • and bacon, you should start. Because it’s not just a yummy green thing; it contains

  • obscene amounts of Vitamins A and K, as well as tons of magnesium, which is so good for

  • your heart it’s legally considered the exact opposite of a shotgun blast.

  • 5. Honey

  • Honey is perhaps nature’s perfect food, since it never goes bad, ever. Its powers

  • don’t stop there though, since it’s also nature’s antiseptic, meaning it can fix

  • everything from a burn to a sore throat. Health-wise, the list of things honey does is so long that

  • men should feel inadequate on principle while reading it.

  • 4. Yeast Extract

  • Although it looks more like something you’d find holding 15-year-old wallpaper up, yeast

  • extract is so full of healthy stuff, it’s possible it turned brown to keep people from

  • learning about its true power. It contains enough Vitamin B to beat a piece of liver

  • to death four times over, and has almost the same amount of protein as chicken. Not too

  • shabby for brown paste you could easily mistake for something you stepped in.

  • 3. Soy Sauce

  • Some people are wary of soy sauce because of MSG. Those people are idjits, and you should

  • feel no remorse for slapping them hard in the face. Soy sauce is loaded with vitamins

  • and minerals, and is a surprisingly effective antioxidant, so splashing it on everything

  • will only make you feel better as a person, as long as you buy the low-salt version.

  • 2. Caviar

  • Although reserved for the rich, famous, and super-rich-and-famous (if mega caviar isn’t

  • available,) caviar is full of healthy goodness such as Vitamin B12, as well as being a status

  • food. Because being rich means you get to eat the unborn children of fish, pay more

  • than most people earn in a year for it, and still get health benefits, because screw you

  • poor people.

  • 1. Chili Powder

  • It’s expected that fresh food is going to be good for you, which is why fresh chilies

  • were on this list. Apparently though, chilies are so damn healthy that, even when you process

  • the hell out of them and put them into an inferior powdered form, theyve still got

  • more vitamin E in them than spinach. And thank god, because we simply could not end this

  • article without digging the knife a little deeper into Popeye’s heart.

Top 10 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For You


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10種對人體超好的食物 - TopTenzNet (Top 10 Foods That are Suprisingly Good for You — TopTenzNet)

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