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Hey, it’s Marie here and guess what? Today is time for some Q & A!
Q: Got some amazing questions that come in on the blog and today’s question is from Jennifer
and I’m going to read it for you. So Jennifer writes:
“Hi Marie, I need help bringing back the fun! I’m working full time and taking night
classes to get my pre-requisites for chiropractic college. I’ve been working on my ‘being in the moment’ muscles
and it’s really helping with my enjoyment of my job and ability to study.
However, I’ve been so busy that I find that I’m not having any fun time.
I live on my own and am not in a relationship.” (In a relationship; on a relationship, she’d actually be having some fun time.)
“I’ve been working and studying for a year now
and I find that I’m beginning to lose my drive because I’ve been sacrificing time with friends
and potential opportunities to meet men because I have to study.
My career goal is very important to me, but I know that the imbalance I’m having with other areas of my life
is affecting my drive and possibly success.” (Ding, ding, ding, very smart!) “
Any suggestions that you have to bring back balance while doing what I need to do are very welcome.
Best of luck with the new pooch!” That’s my little dog, Kuma.
“And, thank you so much for the work that you do!”
A: Okay so here’s why I love this question. Most of the time when we women are driven,
you know we can get so driven that it takes over our entire life and we get super-ambitious.
And then, all of a sudden before you know it, it’s like there’s no guys, there’s no fun, whatever.
So I think all of us can relate to that. I know I certainly can and here’s what I suggest for you, Jennifer.
When I find that the fun is out of my life, the first thing that I look to, it’s going to sound weird
but like how much cool music am I listening to? I happen to be a huge fan of hip-hop
so anytime I play me some Justin Timberlake or you know, a little bit of even like Lady Gaga or whatever, little Jazzy.
Instantly there’s like this surge of fun that starts to erupt inside my body
and it sparks creativity for other fun things to do.
It’s like, “Oh, let me call a girlfriend and go get a drink.”
You know, things like that. But the main point here is you just have to schedule fun
because it sounds like you’re doing a really good job of scheduling your study and you make that happen.
So girlfriend, you just got to make it happen with your calendar just like
if you were going to go the doctor’s, and you had a doctor appointment
or you’re going to go to get your teeth cleaned. You’d put it in the calendar and you’d show up.
So for you, sounds simply but it’s going to make a huge difference!
Whether it’s Tuesday nights from 6-10pm, you do nothing but party time
it’s like make a date, make it happen, and just have some fun.
So that’s all I got for you, girl! But I’m really excited to hear how it turns out
and you know, it sounds like you’re kicking serious ass with your studies.
Now we just need to get that balance back. So put it in your schedule, play some fun music,
do some booty moves which I like to do, and you should be good to go! So that’s all I got for ya!
Talk to you soon, bye guys!


找回屬於你的樂趣 (Bringing Back the Fun)

892 分類 收藏
Benjamin Shih 發佈於 2015 年 12 月 2 日    Vincent Liu 翻譯    Mandy Lin 審核
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