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  • In 2013 the German city of Hamburg hosted the International Building

  • exhibition

  • the IBA seven years in the making the exhibition wasn't just about showcasing

  • innovative buildings it was about regeneration of a relatively poor

  • neighborhood in the city

  • with sustainable living in mind

  • The real excess will be visible

  • let me say in 5 or 7 years but

  • until now, today, I can't say we are

  • more successful than I would have expected for today

  • So what innovation was showcased here

  • that made it such a success?

  • Well first up there was Wood Cube

  • a five-story carbon-neutral apartment block constructed almost entirely from

  • wood

  • and gets its power solely from photovoltaic panels

  • wood has a new boom, a new career,

  • as a construction material

  • we find five

  • different wood houses with completely different

  • technologies but all based on wood and this is of course very interesting for

  • the different construction firms to see

  • how people respond to these different

  • materials to these different technologies

  • and so I think we will see in future

  • which materials which technologies

  • would succeed and move which will fail

  • And finally the IBA showcased a world first

  • BIQ, a building with its own

  • bio-reactor the runs entirely off Algae

  • the sun-facing sides of this structure are covered with water tanks where algae bask in

  • the light

  • what happens next is truely innovative The system's designer

  • Martin Kerner gives an inside look at his groundbreaking bio-reactor

  • What we produce here in this vessel is to burn

  • bio-gas and reproduce our flue-gas

  • and the flue-gas contains CO2 and the CO2

  • is transfered in to our culture medium

  • by these situation devices

  • so we saturate the water with flue gas with CO2

  • and then transfer it back into our bio-reactor facade

  • so that the algae can take up the CO2 with this

  • device over here we add nutrients

  • that means mainly nitrogen and phosphorous to our culture medium

  • with these large tubes over there at the roof

  • me take all the heat from the culture medium

  • and transfer it into our heating system of the house

  • But it isn't just heating

  • that micro-organisms can produce this reactor can also farm excess amounts of algae

  • that can be harvested for an entirely different reason

  • This is rich in

  • and proteins, its rich in unsaturated fatty acid, it contains

  • vitamins, minerals, and so on, so it's physiologically very

  • positive and we would like to make

  • food and feed for animals out of this biomass

  • So this bio-reactor has the capability of not only heating our homes

  • but also of feeding our livestock

In 2013 the German city of Hamburg hosted the International Building


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