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I'm here with Adele and we're about to face off in the game...
about to face off in the game...called "Box of Lies", now.
Here's how it works: up stage we have a bunch of boxes containing objects neither of us has ever seen before
Adele and I are going to take turns selecting a box and open it on our side of the table, out of the view of the other person
Once you remove the object from the box, you show it to the audience...
Then you look at your opponent and tell them what is in your box. You might be lying, you might be telling the truth.
your opponent has to guess either a lie or a truth
If you guessed correctly, you get a point. if you guessed wrong, the other person gets a point.
First to two points win. Adele are the honored guest.
Why don't you pick the first box? Um huh!
Yes I will
Oh! One! Two!
Okay...you just came it with the first hand...it looks very light!
I have to do this! This is it, this is a big deal!
It's either this or the lip sync battle. Oh yeah!
There's always next time. yeah.
Hm hum... you look confused, very confused
Alright, okay.
Okay... I have... beside me... on my table...
T-rex, dressed up.
It's a dinosaur? Um hum
Dressed up. D..Dressed up?? It's a dressed-up dinosaur.
It's a fairy. It's a fairy..? Um hum!
Oh yeah yeah....So it's a T-rex dressed up as a fairy.
Then you did this, but t-rex's arms are like this.
Fairy has wings.
You have a daughter, you should know this!
I know! Yeah... I have two babies and yeah.
I've never seen a dinosaur dressing as a fairy. Of course we can do anything on her. I'm sure it's possible
But I'm going to say Adele...you lie!
I lie... YEAH!! Oh...that's tricky!
I get... I get where you're going with that. That was tricky!
It was a t-rex and you tried to trick me but i can tell you're lying! Cause I just trust everything except for that
Alright, guys which one? Five!
Ooo...well... so heavy!
It's a feather. Okay!
Oo.... chihuahua, of course! 
It's better not to be a joke on me! No, no!
Alright, in my box, I have...
It's a G.I.Joe doll, but made into a Santa Claus.
And thrown at him... It's maybe a candy cane Chinese star that is going to maybe hurt Santa.
But we shall see it, not a famous toy but....maybe they'll sell this holiday season. I don't know.
So it's a G.I.Joe? G.I.Joe doll...dressed as Santa? With what??
-It's a ... I think it's a Chinese throwing star throwing at him...
But it's a Chinese cane star? It's made of candy cane...
- It's a star... you know? Never seen that Bruce Lee movie? - No, I don't know if it exists where I come from.
And what? It could be scary?
I don't see it....being a big selling toy in this Christmas...
But you never know... kids like buying this these days... who knows? Maybe I'm lying!
I'm gonna say you're lying! You lie!
I do lie! Actually that was thrown. This is a nose.
No no no...
I'm so sorry about the...this is like ... I don't know if might be breathe...it's...I can't do this...
They're all noses. Noses #$^@% ...anyway...I don't know what that is. I'm sorry about that!
So, we're tied! We're even! Who ever wins successes... is the winner in the champion and oh my god, the bragging rights and all that stuff
What number?
It doesn't matter!
I'm gonna win anyway!
It's very light! Yeah, very light!
You're throwing it around like...Oh but then you put it down and a little loud, so maybe it's heavy.
It's ceramic yeah! 
Wooo... all these hints. I'm getting all these hints!
You give me all these hints.
I have... in my box...
A giraffe! Giraffe?
With three donuts.
Around its neck.
Alright, a giraffe... three donuts...
Three donuts, that's right.
A giraffe... it got three...
One dusted donut, one cinnamon, one that's got hundreds and thousands on it
A giraffe with donuts on its neck...on its head.
One, two, three of them... Um hum...
You're telling the truth
Bitch! Ha ha ha!
What you... what you just called me...? Unbelievable!



【吉米秀】超爆笑!Adele 和吉米玩「謊言箱子」遊戲!(中英字幕) (Box of Lies with Adele)

34604 分類 收藏
Loïc 發佈於 2015 年 11 月 27 日    Loïc 翻譯    Jack Lu 審核
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