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East meets West.
Let's take a look at these two paintings here.
Do you think these two paintings are from the same background?
Well, it's pretty obvious that they are not.
The painting on the right, an example of Eastern painting, is from Asia.
And the painting on the left, a Western painting, is from Europe.
Eastern and Western paintings have different characteristics.
Let's find out more about them.
Western paintings use a wide range of color filling the whole canvas.
In addition, light and perspective are used to make three-dimensional illusion, which makes the painting look more realistic.
Also, images and colors fill an entire canvas without leaving any empty space.
On the other hand, this painting shows some characteristics of Eastern paintings.
Eastern paintings simplify color schemes and make lines simple and graceful.
They also use more empty space than images.
They aren't meant to show realistic images.
Instead, they idealize them.
Do you know that some Western style painters have been influenced by these Eastern painting techniques?
Toulouse-Lautrec, a famous European painter, was one of them.
His masterpiece, "At the Moulin Rouge, The Dance", is very much Western styled.
It presents people and the background very elaborately and realistically with a wide range of colors.
However, this painting, also created by Toulouse-Lautrec, was inspired by Japanese prints.
It is gracefully composed using simple lines.
Look at these two paintings.
Can you see their differences?
Can you see the influence of Eastern styled painting?


西方以及東方的藝術風格 (Western Painting vs. Eastern Painting)

4114 分類 收藏
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