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A Crisis of Energy.
What would happen if we didn't have oil?
Or if the price of oil goes suddenly up three or five times?
Well, many people would not be able to drive their cars around anymore.
Bus fares would go up
and we would not be able to use many things that depend on oil.
Imagine how difficult our lives would be.
Well, this actually happened in 1973,
and made many people change the way they thought about energy.
Let's find out what happened.
By 1970, wealthy, developed nations, such as the USA and countries in Western Europe, were using a lot of oil.
They imported oil from Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
However, in 1973, the Arab-Israeli War broke out,
and the United States decided to support Israel.
This angered many of the Arab countries
and they decided not to sell their oil to the United States and its allies, mostly in Western Europe.
This led to major changes in the United States.
Oil prices increased by four times in just three months.
Gas stations did not have enough gas to sell.
As a result, prices for virtually everything went up in the US and Western Europe.
After experiencing this, many people started thinking twice about their dependency on oil.
This led to using other energy sources, such as nuclear and renewable energy.


能源危機是什麼 (A Crisis of Energy)

5835 分類 收藏
Reina 發佈於 2015 年 11 月 24 日
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