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  • Hey, so you guys have heard of a bucket list before right? It's basically a list of achievements or experiences that someone wants to have in their life.


  • Really common items the people have on their bucket list would be like skydiving, traveling around the world, or starting their own business.


  • So a lot of people out there have really really long bucket lists, but due to lack of opportunity, time, and resources, they don't get to check everything off.


  • Today we're gonna be talking about the six things on the FungBro bucket list that we always wanted to do.

    今天要來討論我們 FungBro 清單上,一直想要完成的六件事情。

  • And guess what? Thanks to a app called DayRe, we will be checking off one of these items off our bucket list in the next two months.

    你知道嗎?幸好 DayRe 這個 app,我們會在接下來的兩個月完成清單上的一個項目。

  • Yeah, we're gonna do it. Actually we're gonna do it.


  • So here we go, the FungBros bucket list.

    開始吧!FungBros 死前必做清單。

  • One of the things on our bucket list is to definitely collaborate with a major shoe brand on a FungBro sneaker.

    清單上其中一件事絕對是跟知名鞋子品牌合作推出 FungBro 運動鞋。

  • And no no no no, I'm not talking about a custom colorway, I'm talking about an actual shoe that we helped design from the ground up.


  • When designing our very own sneaker David, we gotta decide what kinda style, material, and technology we want.

    我們要決定想要的風格、材料和科技來設計我們的運動鞋 David。

  • We can't forget this one last thing that a lot of people don't think about when they design something: narrative.


  • - What are we trying to say with this sneaker? - What's the message? That's what we gotta figure out here.

    - 我們想要透過這雙運動鞋表達什麼?- 我們想傳達的訊息是什麼?這是我們必須要釐清的。

  • And I know that we may not be world-famous athletes or rappers,


  • but you know I have been wearing sneakers for a long time so who doesn't dream of having their own?


  • - I wanna design a sneaker that expresses my style. - AirAzns.

    - 我想要設計一雙能傳達我風格的運動鞋。- AireAzns。

  • Another thing on our bucket list would be to open up an innovative, cool restaurant.


  • I think for anybody who's a foodie or loves food, you spend a lot of time in restaurants, so it's only natural for you to wanna create your own.


  • Whether it's a dessert spot or a coffee spot or just a spot filled with your mom's recipes, who doesn't wanna share their culinary creations?


  • Like make your own doughnut with ice-cream and boba spot, or like a ramen bar. There are so many good ideas.


  • I'm getting excited thinking about it right now.


  • Hey what's going on Mike it's the FungBros, you know we love food, we're thinking about starting our own restaurant.

    嘿!Mike,你好嗎?我們是 FungBros,你知道我們熱愛食物,我們想要開一家自己的餐廳。

  • Can you give us just like the top, like few things that we need to think about?


  • You have to rethink your entire life. You wanna have a life outside of work, this is not the business to be in.


  • You have to think about handicap bathrooms, you have to think about the plumbing, you have to think about all your equipment.


  • You have to think about the grease trap, you have to think about the hood, you have to think about labor.


  • The location, the marketing, the health department, the city inspection!


  • - I think we got a few things... - You got the water bill, you got the electric bill, you got the gas bill...

    - 我想我們懂了...- 你要付水費、電費、瓦斯費...

  • Yo, starting a restaurant has a lot more things than what we thought of. We're gonna need some help.


  • Another thing on our bucket list that we wanna do is to actually move to New York City and truly become New York.


  • And I'm not talking about being a tourist and all up in Times Square, I'm saying like I wanna embrace the city.


  • I wanna take the subway, I wanna experience Christmas in New York, I wanna even maybe work on my New York accent.


  • It's a work in process.


  • - Yo I'm looking up spots in Manhattan. - Lower east side, nice. Hey that rent's not bad for a year. That's pretty cheap.

    - 嘿,我現在在看一些曼哈頓的房子。- 下東城,好耶,一年的租金看起來不錯,蠻便宜的。

  • - Dude that's the price for one month without broker's fees. - Aw!

    - 老兄,這是一個月的房租,還不算仲介費。- 啊!

  • One thing that I know a lot of people have on their bucket list including myself is to get a dog. Specifically a puppy.


  • So Tim had a special request, Tim wanted to hold a puppy. He knows that he has a loving, warm body and this dog is all...

    Tim 有一個特別要求,他想要抱小狗,他知道他有慈愛、溫暖的身體,而這隻狗...

  • Alright kiss him, Tim. No I'm just kidding. Wow he opened his mouth at ya.


  • Tim is much better at handling the canine.

    Tim 對於馴服犬類很有一套。

  • Growing up we had goldfish, turtles, hamsters, but never a dog. I'm gonna get a dog, it's not that crazy if you're born into like a dog-loving family.


  • I just think everybody needs man's best friend.


  • Look at you, you little stretchy doggie. Yo puppies are awesome man.


  • And one of the crazier things we have on our bucket list is to take a trip around the world and film an epic food music video.


  • I wanna eat injera in Ethiopia, Ceviche in Ensenada, drink coffee in Rio de Janeiro, escargot in Paris, Schnitzel in Berlin, Pirozhki in Moscow,


  • pufferfish in Tokyo, meat pies in Melbourne, poutine in Montreal, nasi bungkus in Jakarta, chai in Mumbai, and eat shawarma in Abu Dahbi.


  • All in one video! That would be crazy.


  • Alright so we start from L.A.... Seattle and then back to L.A.! Okay.


  • And last but not least, we want to start an Asian American pop label, you know how there's K-pop and J-pop?

    最後也很重要的,我們想要創造亞裔美籍流行音樂,各位應該都知道 K-pop 和 J-pop 吧?

  • What about A-pop? Asian pop.

    那 A-pop 呢?亞洲流行音樂。

  • - Alright, so coming up next we got Tim Xibasan. - Right, right, listen Tim, if you're gonna be the first signee to Azn Records, you're gonna need to have three things:

    -下一位 Tim Xibasan。-Tim 聽好,如果你想要成為 Azn 唱片公司第一位簽約歌手,你必須要擁有三件事:

  • You're gonna need to have the talent, the look, you gonna have to have the swagger.


  • I think so, but I'll definitely try my best.


  • I can also dance too. You ready?


  • You're going to Hollywood.


  • Everybody knows that in mainstream American music, Asians are not really represented, so you know what? Our label's gonna work on that.


  • And guess what? A-pop, we're gonna bring it back.

    等著瞧,我們會把 A-pop 帶回來。

  • So those are the top six things on the FungBro bucket list.

    所以這些是 BungBro 必做清單中前六項事情。

  • - I'm excited just even thinking about em. - Honestly a couple of those things were pretty crazy but the cool thing is,

    - 我光用想的就覺得很興奮。 - 老實說有些事情很瘋狂,但很酷的是,

  • is that while working with DayRe, they're gonna help us do one of these things in the next two months.

    我們使用 DayRe 的同時,他們將會在接下來的兩個月幫我們完成一件事。

  • So if you guys don't know, DayRe is a blogging app that combines the best aspects of short-form blogging with long-form blogging.

    如果不知道 DayRe 是什麼的話,DayRe 是一個類似部落格形式的 app,它同時結合短篇部落格跟長篇部落格的優點。

  • I know there's a lot of blogging apps out there but DayRe's cool because it's not too short where you can't say everything you wanna say,

    我知道市面上有很多部落格 app,但 DayRe 很酷的是它的篇幅不會太短,以至於你沒辦法寫你想要表達的東西,

  • and it's not too long where it becomes like an article. It's a great balance between the two.


  • So follow us on DayRe as we choose which item on our bucket list we wanna accomplish and we document our journey to do it.

    在 DayRe 追蹤我們,我們放上我們想完成的清單事項並記錄我們的過程。

  • Alright, we're not known to blog that much but we will blog on DayRe, and it will be very very exciting.

    我們在部落格界並不知名,但我們會從 DayRe 開始,這是非常令人興奮的一件事。

  • It is going to be epic, you do not wanna miss this.


  • Alright, so download the DayRe app follow us at FungBros, and who knows, maybe this will inspire you to check off something off your bucket list.

    下載 DayRe app,並追蹤 FungBros,說不定這也可以幫助你完成你必做清單裡的一些項目。

  • Alright you guys, thank you so much for watching, in the comment section below,


  • make sure you let us know which one of the six items on our bucket list you think that we should accomplish.


  • And until next time we're out. Peace.


Hey, so you guys have heard of a bucket list before right? It's basically a list of achievements or experiences that someone wants to have in their life.


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