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  • Recently, the Italian coast guard rescued 144 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. The

  • group was allegedly fleeing Libya when their boat capsized, killing more than 400 other

  • migrants on board. Last year, nearly 200 thousand refugees made this same dangerous trek to

  • Italy, and more than three thousand of them died on the way. So what’s going on? Why

  • are so many migrants risking their lives to leave Libya?

  • Well, since the 2011 uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has been in a near constant

  • state of civil war between two major political factions, and various armed militias. To learn

  • more about that, watch our video on what Libya looks like after Gaddafi. Also, ISIS has taken

  • advantage of Libya’s turmoil, and gained a foothold in the region. In February 2015,

  • they beheaded 21 Egyptian men in Libya, and held a military parade with a fleet of pickup

  • trucks.

  • As a result, reports from the region show that oil production and subsequently, Libya’s

  • GDP, have experienced steep declines. The Atlantic Council warned in 2014 that Libya

  • was facing an economic collapse.

  • Faced with a dysfunctional, broke, and violence-prone state, many migrants choose to risk the dangerous

  • journey across the Mediterranean in hopes of a better life in Europe. Refugees from

  • Syria, Somalia and Eritrea contribute to the total number of migrants passing through Libya.

  • The country is considered to be the best place to attempt a sea crossing, with an alleged

  • high success rate. Libyan coastlines are extensive and often unpatrolled. And since both the

  • current governments have their hands full trying to conquer and stabilize the nation,

  • their interest in deterring the vast amount of human trafficking on Libyan shores is minimal.

  • For more on the chaos in Libya and the threat ISIS poses, watch our videos now. Thanks for

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Recently, the Italian coast guard rescued 144 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. The


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為什麼有這麼多移民逃離利比亞? (Why Are So Many Migrants Fleeing Libya?)

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