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  • Are you sick and tired of the default sounds in Minecraft?

  • No.

  • Well guess what...

  • Element Animation has done away with those pesky sounds

  • and replaced them with some new and uber cool...

  • <b>UBER COOL!</b>

  • Not actually uber cool, just regular cool.

  • With sounds such as:

  • Grass... Grass... Grass...

  • Gravel... Gravel... Gravel...

  • Snow... Snow... Snow...

  • And not forgetting about:

  • Dig... Dig...

  • Smash... Break...

  • Chop...

  • There's fun for the whole family!

  • Grass... Splash...

  • Swim... Splash...

  • I... I don't have a family...

  • Nobody cares because they are busy

  • listening to the awesome new in-game music!

  • With hits such as:

  • Calm3

  • Calm1

  • And everybody's favorite...

  • Game Of Thrones

  • Wait, no... Not that one!

  • And many more!

  • Ugh, that's so annoying!

  • In collaboration with these popular YouTubers:

  • Resource pack?

  • I though we we're talking about Bite Sized Minecraft?!

  • Eum... Who's Element Animation again?

  • What?! I don't remember being part of this!

  • No, I had nothing to do with any of this!

  • Wait, I though this was for free pretzels.

  • Please get out of my house now.

  • I had pudding today.

  • Endorsed by Dinnerbone!

  • I haven't endorsed anything by Element Animation.

  • He said our name.

  • That's good enough for us!

  • The Element Animation Villager Sounds Resource Pack.


  • It just slides of the tongue doesn't it?

  • I don't want it!

  • That's because you suck!

  • No! You suck!

  • Hey man. Come on. I'm just doing my job.

  • Oh. I'm... I'm sorry.

  • Apology accepted.

  • Just like your mother accepted...

  • HEY!

  • Inspired by project P.E.W.

  • Pew... Pew...Boing...

  • The Element Animation Villager Sounds Resource Pack!

  • Get it fast while stocks last.

  • © 2014 Element Animation English captions by @Thibaultmol

Are you sick and tired of the default sounds in Minecraft?


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元素動畫村夫聲音資源包(T.E.A.V.S.R.P. (The Element Animation Villager Sounds Resource Pack (T.E.A.V.S.R.P.))

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