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  • Oh, I know this nice little restaurant near the place I grew up ?

  • Now, it's not fancy, but-- [ Crashing ]

  • What the-- Are you all right ? I think so.

  • You sure ? Yeah.

  • I'm terribly sorry. The parking attendant left my car in first,

  • and when I turned on the ignition it shot forward.

  • Are you all right ? Fine, but you look hurt.

  • Honestly, I'm fine. Look, here's my driver's license.

  • Great ! Great ! Don't be ridiculous. Put that away !

  • You're in a state of shock-- emotional trauma.

  • What are you talking about ? Brain damage !

  • He's got brain damage and doesn't even know it. Hey, George !

  • Get an ambulance! Are you all right, Mr. Brewster ?

  • Brewster ? Montgomery Brewster ?

  • Yes, that's me. See ?

  • I really don't feel very good. I'm starting to lose feeling in my legs.

  • Stop it ! Can't you see this man is faking ? Faking ?

  • I can't have this on my conscience. This man's gonna be paralyzed for life.

  • Dear sir, do you think you could settle this out of court for a couple of hundred thousand ?

  • Two ex-wives.

  • Two ex-wives. 300,000 ?

  • Go to the doctors right away, okay ? Uh-huh.

  • And you give him this for a prescription and you'll be all right.

  • - Thank you. - Have a good day !

  • Get a cold compress for that thing on your head...

  • and a large bottle of aspirin.

  • That's a nice man.

Oh, I know this nice little restaurant near the place I grew up ?


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Brewster's Millions (8/13) Movie CLIP - Fender-Bender Payoff (1985) HD (Brewster's Millions (8/13) Movie CLIP - Fender-Bender Payoff (1985) HD)

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