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  • The Wind and the Sun

  • Long ago at the start of the world

  • the wind and the sun were talking together when they began

  • to have a disagreement. Which of them

  • was the strongest, they wondered. To settle the point

  • they agreed to try something.

  • Seeing a passing traveler, they decided

  • to see which of them could take off

  • the man's coat first. The wind began to blow

  • with all his strength,

  • a cold and fearsome wind. He tried to blow the man's coat

  • off his back, but the stronger he blew

  • the closer and firmer the man

  • held on to his coat. Next,

  • it was the sun's turn. Breaking out

  • from behind the clouds he let his warm, welcome light

  • fall upon the traveler. Soon

  • the cold disappeared and the traveler,

  • feeling the gentle warmth on his shoulders

  • sat down and took off his coat.

  • It was clear that the sun

  • had won.

The Wind and the Sun


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A2 初級

風和日麗階梯系列《伊索寓言》朗讀課件 (The Wind and the Sun (北風と太陽) ラダーシリーズ「イソップ物語」朗読音声)

  • 1935 93
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