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  • I was talking to my lawyers. They said something to me, I can't believe it.

  • Did you really find a million dollars in the trunk of a car

  • - and then turn it in? Did you do that? - Yeah.

  • You did that for real, huh?

  • My man. Good for you. Shit.

  • You know Johnny Law got, though, right?

  • - Maybe. - Ain't no maybe about it, Mr. Richie.

  • You know he got it. You turned that money in,

  • he took it and you ain't get nothing for it. Did you?

  • Why did you do that?

  • - It was the right thing to do. - That's true.

  • That's a good answer. It was the right thing to do.

  • The question I have, the question I've been asking myself is,

  • would you do it again?

  • I mean, that's a lot of money, that's a long time ago.

  • Many car payments ago, many child support payments ago.

  • So I said to myself, the onlyest way to find out is to find out.

  • Bribery, extortion, murder, racketeering...

  • Now, you give me an address,

  • I'll make sure the car's there, I'll make sure that money's in that trunk.

  • No, thanks.

  • You sure?

  • Come on, now, Richie. What do you think, that impresses me?

  • You think that you're better than them? You ain't no better than them other cops.

  • In fact, you're the same as them. You are them.

  • Let me ask you this.

  • Do you really think that putting me behind bars

  • is going to change anything on them streets?

  • Them dope fiends is gonna shoot it,

  • they're gonna steal for it, they're gonna die for it.

  • Putting me in or out ain't gonna change one thing.

  • Then that's the way it is.

  • That's just the way it is. So what we got, Richie?

  • We got me and you sitting here.

  • We got that little snitch-ass driver for my brother.

  • You got a little bit of powder.

  • You're going to need more than that, Richie.

  • I got possession, supply, conspiracy,

  • bribing a law officer. I got people who'll attest to seeing you kill in cold blood.

  • I got your offshore bank accounts, your real estate, your businesses,

  • all bought with money from heroin.

  • And I got hundreds of parents of dead kids.

  • Addicts who OD'ed on your product. And that's my story for the jury.

  • And that's how I make it all stick. "This man murdered thousands of people.

  • "And he did it from a penthouse, driving a Lincoln."

  • Aside from that, you got nothing to worry about.

  • That's pretty good. But that's why we go to court, isn't it, Richie?

  • 'Cause I got witnesses, too.

  • I got celebrities. I got sports figures. I got Harlem, Richie.

  • I took care of Harlem, so Harlem's gonna take care of me. You can believe that.

I was talking to my lawyers. They said something to me, I can't believe it.


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