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  • - Whoa! - Hey! Hey! Hey!

  • - Taking your ass in, Jimmy. - Uh-uh.

  • - Taking your ass in. - Where are the handcuffs?

  • I got a license for that, motherfucker.

  • You got a license for this? Excuse me, all right?

  • Shit. All right! Yeah!

  • Now, you know what? I gotta arrest you for that shit.

  • That shit's too good to be on the street.

  • Wait a minute, I got this for you. You ain't got to arrest nobody.

  • Are you bribing me now?

  • I'll tell you what, I'm arresting everybody!

  • Now, all you're under arrest! You first!

  • That's my family. That's my...

  • Excuse me, excuse me.

  • Back it up, baby.

  • What was that?

  • - Come on, guys. - What's the matter with you, man?

  • - I said, what the hell was that? - What was what?

  • - I said what the hell are you doing, man? - Be cool, man!

  • What's your fucking problem?

  • What the hell's wrong with you?

  • Goddamn!

  • He's all right. I just shot him in the leg, is all.

  • Damn, Jimmy!

  • Get up.

  • All right, everybody, get out! Get out!

  • Come on, Frank, it was an accident.

  • - It wasn't no goddamn accident. - He feels terrible.

  • He don't feel shit, 'cause he's coked up all the motherfucking time!

  • He's your driver. Get rid of him.

  • Come on, man, that's your cousin!

  • That ain't shit to me!

  • He don't mean nothing to me.

  • What's he gonna do, go back home?

  • I don't give a damn what he does!

  • Send his ass home! Hey! Hey! Hey!

  • Hey! Don't rub on that! You blot that!

  • You understand? That's alpaca!

  • That's $25,000 alpaca! You blot that shit!

  • You don't rub it! Put the club soda on there.

  • Simple Simon-ass motherfuckers.

  • Listen, from now on, don't nobody talk to me directly! You understand?

  • You got business with me, you talk to Huey! Huey, you talk to me! You got it?

  • All right.

  • Damn it, never on the phone! You got it?

  • - I got it. - All right!

  • And take them goddamn sunglasses off.

  • Take the goddamn sunglasses off!

  • Damn it, man.

  • Simple Simon-ass motherfuckers.

- Whoa! - Hey! Hey! Hey!


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美國黑幫 (3/11)電影剪輯 - Fed Up (2007) HD (American Gangster (3/11) Movie CLIP - Fed Up (2007) HD)

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