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  • So we all know the sun's energy is crucial for good health,


  • But do you know that the Earth's energy is too?


  • When we make direct contact with the surface of the earth,


  • Our bodies receive a charge of energy that makes us feel better fast!

    身體會接收一股能量 讓我們快速產生愉悅感

  • This is called 'Earthing'. You see, throughout history, people were always

    這叫做「接地」 你看哦,自古以來

  • naturally absorbing the Earth's energy. But in today's world, we live most of our

    人類都會自然接收土地能量 但現代人幾乎都在室內生活

  • lives inside- And even when we do go outside, we usually


  • wear shoes which prevent us from connecting. So OF course we often feel drained and achyů

    鞋子也會阻絕我們與地面連結 難怪我們時常會感到疲倦痠痛

  • because we go DAYS or even years without ever touching the Earth!

    這都是我們經年累月 沒有直接接觸地面的關係!

  • But it doesn't have to be this way! You can start receiving the benefits of Earthing by

    其實不一定要這樣 ! 要開始獲得接地的好處

  • going barefoot outside... the more time, the better.

    你可以在戶外赤腳行走 時間愈長愈好

  • This alone can be life-changing and it's free! And if you love feeling great while Earthing

    光這樣就能改變人生,又不花錢! 若你喜愛戶外接地帶來的好處

  • oudoors, now you can start Earthing indoors too!


  • Simply connect your Earthing product into the third hole of an outlet, which directly

    只要把接地產品的插頭 插入三孔插座

  • connects to the existing ground rod of your home.


  • This connection lets you safely and conveniently receive Earth's energy from where ever you

    這能讓你安全方便地 隨時接收土地的能量

  • are.. whether that be working...


  • or playing... And especially while you're sleeping!

    還是在玩樂…… 尤其是在你睡覺的時候!

  • Because while Earthing, you will sleep deeper, feel more refreshed in the morning, and wake

    你在接地狀態下會睡得更熟 早上起床時會感覺更有精神

  • up looking terrific! And the best part? anyone can benefit from

    氣色也會更好! 而且最棒的一點是什麼?

  • this life-changing discovery.. It's a no-brainer, start Earthing today to

    這個大發現能使所有人獲益 真的很簡單,現在就開始

  • look better, feel better, and sleep better... guaranteed.

    改善自己的外觀、心情和睡眠 保證有效

So we all know the sun's energy is crucial for good health,



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A2 初級 中文 美國腔 能量 戶外 接收 地面 土地 健康

什麼是接地? (What is Earthing?)

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