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  • Wohlan Freie!

  • Jetzt hier ist an Sieg.

  • Dies ist der erste Gloria.

  • Wohlan Freie!

  • Feiern wir dieser Sieg

  • Fur den Sieges Kampf!

  • "It was a pointless death."

  • I won't let you say that

  • Till we're down to the last arrow(person)

  • The enemy is cruel... we are bringing

  • The enemy is huge... we are jumping

  • Carrying steel blades in our hands

  • we sing a song of victory

  • we bear the wings of freedom upon our backs

  • Clenching our resolve to our hearts

  • we tear through the spiral of foolishness

  • Dancing through azure

  • with our Wings of Freedom!

Wohlan Freie!


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B2 中高級

Attack on titan tribute game Op2 - Wings of freedom 自由之翼 (Attack on titan tribute game Op2 - Wings of freedom 自由之翼)

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