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  • Following recent suggestions to Inferno's layout, I began thinking of map balance in


  • general. Do they have to be balanced? It's important to understand that it's a very big


  • topic that everybody will have different opinions on, depending on why they play and follow


  • the CSGO scene. To demonstrate this, watch Thorin's video for a different perspective.


  • Firstly, what is the definition of 'balanced'? In his video, Thorin considers it a balance

    首先,到底平衡的定義為何? Thorin認為平衡與否要從可供選擇的地圖總體來看

  • of the map-pool as a whole, rather than of individual maps! He argues that since different

    而非地圖個體來判斷 他的看法是既然職業隊伍各有其獨特的風格

  • professional teams have unique play-styles, balancing is more about having a variety of

    既然職業隊伍各有獨特的風格 平衡的意義在於

  • different map styles to choose from and a fair way of picking them, so that each team

    有各種地圖可供選擇 以及透過公平的方式來挑選地圖

  • can play to their strengths and their opponents' weaknesses.

    如此一來兩隊都能展現各自的長處 也可以好好利用敵對的弱點

  • I wouldn't even have imagined it from this perspective! However, for this video I'm going

    我作夢都想不到要從這個角度來想這個問題! 然而在這部影片當中

  • to remain boring and consider it from a more traditional, 'per-map' basis where I consider


  • 'balanced' as having equal potential to be won on both CT and the T-side. Any match is

    當兩個陣營都有同等的獲勝機會時 一個地圖才算是平衡

  • naturally balanced by switching teams half-time. This doesn't say anything about the map itself

    有一說是半場換陣營使得每場比賽都很平衡 但這對探討地圖本身並沒有幫助

  • though, since using this logic, any layout is 'balanced'! To get around this, I see it

    因為用這個邏輯來說的話 不論何種地圖的配置都會是”平衡”的

  • as a game of two halves and consider a very one-sided map to be wasting up to half of

    我會從兩個半場的方式來看一場比賽 一面倒的地圖就是浪費了一半的潛能

  • its potential. When designing a map, I feel that the focus should be on designing a layout

    地圖設計的焦點應該放在地圖的配置 使得選手的實力能夠嶄露無遺

  • that showcases the skill of the players, both as a team and individually. It feels horrible


  • to be cheaply killed by a sniper half a mile away, or from not looking the right way when

    當我從半哩外被狙擊手輕鬆地做掉 或是進入龜點重重的炸彈區沒有看到對的地方遭伏擊而死

  • entering a bombsite with hundreds of corners. A map that I consider to be very balanced

    我會很不爽 我認為Dust2(沙漠2)是個非常平衡的地圖

  • is Dust2. As a terrorist, when I die, it's generally because I was out-played by the

    在玩恐怖分子時 我會死通常是因為我技不如人

  • other team. On Nuke, on the other hand, it's normally because the enemies are all camped

    另外一個極端的Nuke 因為反恐小組全都躲在難以覺察的位置

  • out in obscure positions and there's no chance of a fair fight when up against similarly

    面對實力相仿的對手時 恐怖分子面對的是一場不公平的戰鬥

  • skilled opponents. Each side has to bring value to a match. And

    一場比賽中 兩個陣營都必須要有存在的價值

  • sure, everybody loves the easier side. People play CSGO, craving the next epic ace or situation

    當然 大家都偏好比較輕鬆的一邊

  • where they single-handedly hold off an entire team until support arrives. This happens all-too-often

    人們玩CS:GO求的是下一個經典五殺 或是單槍匹馬擋住敵隊直到援軍到來

  • on CT-side, where the enemies have to come to you.

    這些狀況太常發生在反恐小組上 因為敵人必須衝著你來

  • But remember that for every kill you get, another player has died and has to sit out

    請記得你的每一個擊殺 都代表著有另外一個人死了 必須枯等到下一回合

  • for the rest of the round. From his point of view, it's no fun if he did everything

    如果他已竭盡所能做對所有能做的事 只因為地圖本身對他不利

  • right but the map itself was against him and instead he's reduced to being just a target

    他就只能淪為敵方的賺分數賺錢的活靶 或是集錦影片的片段

  • to reward the other team with points, money and clips for frag-montages. Some people will


  • point out that the beauty of a map like Nuke is that every victory for the terrorists means

    有些人會說像Nuke(核彈)這樣的地圖 其美妙之處在於恐怖分子的每場勝利都意義重大!

  • something! Sure enough, it does. It often means that the CT side made a big mistake

    沒有錯 那通常代表反恐小組犯了些重大的錯誤

  • or that some fluky, risky strategy paid off. That's not about skill! That's luck. Once

    或是恐怖份子採取了僥倖成功的冒險策略 那不是技巧而是運氣!

  • the next round begins, even if the terrorists have enough money for everything they want

    下一回合開始 因為地圖對反恐小組過於有利

  • to buy, the map is too CT-sided to make much of a difference. The outlook remains bleak

    即便恐怖份子的荷包足以負擔所有東西也沒有甚麼差別 那一回合恐怖份子的前景仍然慘淡

  • for that round, even if it means that they'll probably win the game in 20 rounds' time.


  • Add to this the unpredictable nature of the pistol rounds and you'll often see matches


  • determined by how the first couple of rounds of each side play out. It's wasted potential


  • and for every exciting match played on Nuke, there are a hundred more where it plays out

    每當有一場刺激的nuke比賽存在 就代表還有另外一百場索然無味、容易預測的nuke比賽

  • in a predictable, boring fashion. Now I'm not saying that each game should have

    我先澄清一下 這不是說我認為每個上半場都該以八比七結束

  • 8-7 scores for each half. There will inevitably be matches where this doesn't happen. But


  • I feel that if you average every game out, a good map should come to about 50-50. Here

    但我認為平均下來 一張好地圖應該要有五五波的實力

  • are some graphs created by Valve from the data that they've collected from popular CSGO

    這裡是Valve收集常見CSGO地圖資料 根據平衡性做排列所製成的圖表

  • maps. And here they are, ordered by balance. If you had to rank the maps from favourite


  • to least favourite, is it similar to this list? If so, you probably enjoy playing on

    那張表是不是跟這張有些類似? 如果是的話

  • balanced maps! But these findings are further complicated


  • by how different tiers of play result in different balances. For example, the highest skill levels


  • are most likely to win the first 3 rounds as terrorists, but are then less likely to

    舉例來說 在技術水平高的比賽中 恐怖份子陣營比較容易贏前三場

  • win the remaining 12 rounds. From this you can conclude that the higher

    但是比較不可能贏剩下來的十二場 你可以推導出的結論是

  • the skill level is, the more advantage CTs have once they've got enough money to defend

    技術水準越高 在有足夠的錢時越能發揮反恐小組的防禦優勢

  • properly. Since the majority of the rounds are played out in this state, it's fascinating

    在絕大多數的回合都處在這個階段時 不同技術水平的比賽

  • to see that the balance in this situation is closest for Dust2. In fact, it's only ever

    在Dust2卻又是極為相近的平衡 這相當地耐人尋味

  • been beaten by Overpass for balance (and since then the map has become CT-sided), so Dust2

    事實上 Dust2在平衡性上只有輸過Overpass(天橋)而已(之後就變成對CT有利了)

  • remains the most consistently balanced map for all skill-levels.

    Dust2因而成為在不同技術水平下 均能維持穩定平衡的地圖

  • And remember that this data is collected from matchmaking. The pro-level teams will be above

    請記得這是取自競技模式的資料 職業比賽不包含在內

  • this again and I would expect to have even more of an advantage on CT-side if the trends

    但如果趨勢相同的話 能期待職業比賽中反恐小組會有更多的優勢

  • continue. Tactics will no doubt have more of a role to play as you move up into professional

    相較於個人等級的比賽 職業比賽中策略成分的比重更大

  • tiered matches but on a personal level, they have a natural advantage when in a defensive


  • position. Thorin's arguments for one-sided maps made

    在初看Thorin的影片時 他的論點我能理解

  • sense to me when I watched his video but, with hindsight, I don't see how the points


  • don't also apply to balanced maps- if not more so! For example, he brings up the case


  • of TSM VS NIP on Nuke. They both have history of having a strong CT-side on the map and


  • yet NIP managed to win the first 3 as terrorists. They lost the remaining 12 rounds of the half,

    儘管NIP在玩恐怖份子時設法贏了前三回合 前半場的剩餘十二回合都輸掉了

  • only to then pull it back and win once they were on CT. He uses this as an example of

    最後NIP在反恐小組時一口氣贏了回來 Thorin把這場比賽當作是個好例子

  • how two strong CT-sided teams should battle it out on a CT-sided map, where they display

    在兩隊均為強勢的反恐小組 又在反恐小組具有絕對優勢的地圖上交戰時

  • their mastery on the stronger side by locking the map down and denying the other side most

    他們就該緊握優勢 封鎖整張地圖 並把另外一隊給壓得死死的

  • of the rounds. It certainly makes the rounds where terrorists


  • manage to win more exciting. But I feel that it devalues the rest of them, both to play

    不過這也讓其他回合的剩餘價值當然無存 玩的人難過 看的人也很難過

  • and to watch since it's usually filled with slaughters as the terrorist side fails one


  • rush after another. I feel it's wrong for the outcome of a match to be determined by

    比賽的結果受制於少少幾個回合 甚至是受隨機性極高的手槍局而定的

  • so few rounds- especially notoriously random pistol ones. Victory in CSGO should be a delicious

    我認為這樣的情況是不對的 CSGO的勝利應該要像是一道精緻的餐點

  • and delicate combination of a number of factors, like skill, economy, team-work and so on,

    由數個因素揉合而成 像是技巧、金錢控管、團隊合作等等

  • like a well-made meal. When a map is so one-sided I think it puts too much emphasis on one element.

    當一個地圖是對某邊特別有利時 就過度偏重單一元素上了

  • If CS:GO is a roast meal then Nuke is a plate full of potatoes. Yes, they're nice, but you

    如果CSGO是燒烤餐 那Nuke就是滿滿一盤的馬鈴薯

  • need to leave room for everything else. As T-side, even a strong team with a good economy

    馬鈴薯是不錯 但你總該留點胃給其他東西 當你玩恐怖份子時

  • and tactics doesn't give them a good shot at winning the round! It's infuriating.

    即便你有經濟優勢與好隊伍也不能確保勝利 這令人相當不爽

  • Compare this with balanced maps. Every round is equally important and winnable if the teams

    在平衡的地圖上 每一回合都同樣重要 而且只要整隊都做對的事情 每回合都可以獲勝

  • do the right things, unlike Nuke where it's easy to see the outcome half an hour before

    相較之下 Nuke這個地圖裡 比較結果很容易在三十分鐘前就預測出來

  • we reach it since victory is all-too-often decided from the random nature of the pistol


  • rounds. When the map is balanced, it opens up a lot more opportunities for the teams

    當一張地圖是平衡的 每個隊伍都有機會玩出自己的風格

  • to play in their own style, rather than sticking to an over-powered, tried and tested CT defence


  • that you can't do much about, even if you're prepared for it. In fact, I'd argue that a

    除此之外沒甚麼能做的 即便你是有備而來的也一樣

  • balanced map gives CT-sided teams MORE room to shine: surely that would be better testament

    我認為一個平衡的地圖 反而讓擅長反恐小組的隊伍 有更多發光發亮的機會

  • to their ability than simply trouncing teams on a CT-sided map? 15-0 as CTs on Nuke? Well

    這樣當然會比直接在對反恐小組有利的地圖上輾壓其他隊伍 更能測試它們的真功夫

  • done, you stuck to a tried-and-tested defence on the easier side. 15-0 on Dust2? Incredible!

    用反恐小組在Nuke完封對面?在比較輕鬆的一邊用守舊的防禦玩法 不錯嘛

  • You successfully gauged your opponents' attacks and countered them.

    在Dust2完封對面? 屌爆了!你成功的摸清對面的策略並反制了他們

  • Balanced maps give teams more options, more counters and in my opinion, a higher skill-ceiling.

    平衡的地圖給予隊伍更多的選擇 更多的反制策略 與更高的技術上限

  • It's about understanding the opponent and devising a counter-strategy, rather than just


  • being good at CT-side and choosing CT-sided maps and losing on ones that aren't.

    而非只會玩反恐小組 選擇對反恐小組有利的地圖 最後輸在沒有偏重任一陣營的地圖上

  • That's right. I think that balanced maps have the potential to have a higher skill-ceiling.

    沒錯 我認為平衡性高的地圖有更高的技術上限

  • With one-sided maps, once the tactics, counter-tactics, counter-counter-tactics of the map are done,

    以有單邊優勢的地圖來說 當策略、反制策略、反反制策略發展出來之後

  • what determines the winner boils down to the ability of the players and the map's natural


  • biases. If both teams are ridiculously talented then it's the positioning that plays a big

    如果兩隊都非常的厲害 位置布局將會是影響勝負的關鍵

  • part in who will win. I see a biased map where one team has limited options as being like

    我能想見當處在對某邊特別有利的地圖時 一隊的選擇將嚴重受限

  • a chess board where some pieces are missing from one of the sides. In low-level games,

    就像棋盤上有一方少了幾顆棋子一樣 這在低水平的比賽裡頭不是很重要

  • this won't matter that much, but in higher ones, even a mere pawn can make a big difference.

    但在較高水平的比賽中 即便少了顆卒子也有很大的不同

  • Let's look at the skill-ceiling in balanced maps instead. I still love the map but people

    讓我們來看看平衡地圖裡的技術上限 雖然我還是很喜歡Dust2

  • are saying that Dust2 has become stale. Is that because it's too balanced? I don't think

    但有人說Dust2開始變得有些無趣 這是因為Dust2太平衡的關係嗎? 我不這麼認為

  • so. It just isn't complex enough. Just because a map's balanced, doesn't mean it's good!

    那只是因為Dust2不夠複雜罷了 平衡的地圖不一定是好的!

  • Here's one that I made in 2 minutes. It's balanced. Doesn't mean it's fun to play. The

    我花了兩分鐘做這張地圖 很平衡 但不代表玩起來很有趣

  • difficulty is that it becomes exponentially more difficult to balance maps as you add

    地圖製作的困難之處在於隨著你加入越多東西 平衡的難度也指數型的成長

  • more to them. This isn't helped by tactics that may be thought up for the map in a week,


  • month or years' time. What I don't like is people confusing complicated, one-sided maps

    我不喜歡的是人們指著對某一邊特別有利的複雜地圖 說那是有著”高技術上限”

  • as 'having a high skill-ceiling'. It's just bad map design.

    不是的 那樣只是單純很爛的地圖設計罷了

  • Enough of this, let's get to my conclusion. Ultimately, Valve chooses what happens. They

    講了這麼多 讓我說說我的結論 Valve還是有最終決定權

  • have things of their own to balance: CSGO's success depends on pleasing a number of different

    他們也有自己的事情必須平衡 CSGO成功與否在於他們是否能夠取悅各種不同的顧客

  • audiences, ranging from the newbies and case-openers, all the way to good players and professional


  • leagues. And they, with their infinite wisdom, have decided to remove Nuke from the main

    Valve經過審慎思考 決定將Nuke從主流地圖中移除

  • map pool. I suspect that they wanted to give their new


  • Train map a chance to be tested and that they chose Nuke to go since it has consistently


  • scored the lowest in terms of round outcome balance, has had the fewest successful bomb


  • plants and more rounds with all terrorists being eliminated than any other map. And perhaps


  • these factors have knock-on effects, like fewer people being interested in the map and

    也或許這些因素的連鎖效應 導致較少人願意玩這個地圖

  • therefore poorer spectator stats for Nuke matches and twitch streams. I know that I'm


  • less likely to watch a totally one-sided match than, say, a close Inferno game where the

    我知道比起一面倒的比賽 我會更想看 像是inferno這種優勢幾個回合就可能易手的緊湊對戰

  • balance tips every couple of rounds. So in conclusion, map balance is a touchy

    總而言之 地圖平衡是一件敏感的話題

  • subject but I want more balanced maps and think that they benefit the game as a whole,

    但我希望有更多平衡的地圖 不論是從玩家的角度或是觀者的角度

  • both to watch and to play.


Following recent suggestions to Inferno's layout, I began thinking of map balance in



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