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Hello all, welcome back, I am Niharika.
Well! today we are gonna explore the different types of meat.
Today we're gonna explore the different types of meat available in the market, restaurants, grocery
stores and so on. This lesson is specifically for non- vegetarians who love eating meat.
Well, it’s actually for vegetarians too, because if you are a vegetarian and you like
travelling and you don’t know what food is what,what food are you suppose to stay
away from then I think this lesson should be helpful. So go ahead, do enjoy this.
We gonna look at types of meat. First we gonna look at the different types of meat available,
we have red meat, Poultry, Pork, Seafood. Well, what comes under red meat is beef. Beef
is cow’s meat. Then we have goat. Goat is also called as lamb or mutton. Many people
call it mutton but in many countries it is also called as lamb. We also have sheep. So
cow’s meat, goat, sheep the meat of these animals come under red meat. And do not eat
too much of red meat it’s not healthy. Well, now let’s look at the most healthy meat
Poultry, under poultry it’s chicken and then we have turkey. In many countries it’s
not just called as poultry but also called as white meat. So the chicken and turkey is
also known as white meat. And the another type of meat we have, apparently people say
that it is the tastiest of all, that’s pork. And pork is pig. So it’s the pig’s meat.
And the last one is seafood that’s my favourite I totally binge on seafood. Seafood is like
your fish and then we have prawns. In many countries it’s called as prawns but in America
it’s called as shrimp. So, prawns, shrimp or lobster, squid and there are so many types
of seafood. So these are the types of meat that are available and now we will look at
the different vocabulary related to meat. Alright here are some types of meat available
in the market. The first one we have is bacon. Well, bacon is usually eaten by people for
breakfast. So what a delicious start to your day! So bacon is made out of pig’s meat
and these are the thin slices of meat which can be fried or sautéed in a pan and it is
of course processed meat and it’s preserved or treated with smoke and salt. So, that’s
bacon for you. Let’s have a look at other one. Sausage – In the market there’s variety
of sausages. We have beef sausage, pork sausage. We also have chicken sausage and in fact, we
have different flavoured sausages. And, again its processed meat and it is cylindrical,
round in shape. And it is made out of treated ground meat and it has flavours to it and
it is also covered with a thin skin. So it’s treated ground meat and is covered with thin
skin. So may be you are hungry and starving and you just want to eat something then go
ahead sauté some sausage, it’s nice and tasty snack. The next one we have is ham.
Now many people do get confused with what is ham made of? So just because you eat a
hamburger doesn’t mean that the ham is made of beef. Now ham is interesting. It's made of
pig meat. So it’s basically the thigh of a pig which is again treated by salt and wet
curing and smoke too. So it’s nice and delicious but yes many people do get confused, what
exactly ham is? So that’s what it is, it is made out of pig meat. The next one is pepperoni.
Have you tried the delicious pepperoni pizza? Well, if you haven’t then you should. Pepperoni
is very commonly used in America and it’s type of Salami, it’s red in colour, it’s
soft and it’s delicious of course. But again pepperoni is made out of mashed pig, that's pork,
and beef meat. So again it’s fermented, just because it’s a type of salami, it is
a processed meat and and it’s a little smoky and it is bright red in colour. So that’s
pepperoni for you. The next one we have is salami, salami is again type of processed
meat. It’s treated with salt, it’s also treated with smoke and different flavours
too. Infact salami is available in variety to meat types, you can either have chicken
salami, you also have beef salami and pork salami . So it’s made out of various animal
meat. So that’s salami and then we have minced meat , finally something which is not
processed . Well, minced meat in many countries it is also called as ground meat and it’s
basically fine chopped meat. It’s grinded meat. So you either use a grinder to grind
the meat or you just chop it. So it’s basically finely chopped meat. So that’s minced meat
and then we have steak. Do you like your steak? Well, steak is a big portion of slice. It
is a slice of beef or slice of pork and infact in many countries we also have slice of fish
steaks. Fish steaks are also slice of meat. It is either roasted or grilled. Usually when
you go to a restaurant and you order a steak. You will usually mention that you want your steak to be half cooked or pink
or fully cooked (well done). So different people prefer their steak to be either cooked
well or they want it to be a little raw. That’s pink in colour. So that’s steak, so it can be
pork steak, beef steak or fish steak. The last one is ribs; well we all know
what ribs are. However it’s not the human ribs we are talking about, it’s the animal
ribs. These are chopped ribs they can be roasted they can be baked they can be fried. They
are not very meaty, less of meat and more of sucking. We have pork ribs available, we
have beef ribs we have lamb ribs and trust me it’s delicious. I enjoy sucking on the
ribs or chewing on the ribs rather. So these are the types of meat products available.
If you are a vegetarian just look for these words and you have to stay away from this
kind of food and if you are a non vegetarian then you know what is what. I will be back
with a new lesson soon till then you take care and have a great day.



【實用字彙】各種肉類的英文該怎麼說? (Spoken English Lesson - Different types of meat (Learning English Vocabulary))

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