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  • Since the beginning of the time, mankind has had parties, and ever since the existence of parties, there has been party food.


  • So, what are party foods? It's usually finger foods that are easily share.


  • Today we're going to be introducing 3 Asian fusion party food that gonna take the next function to the next level.


  • And you know we can do this video with our resident semo-rised sumo chef friend, Shiba San!

    而我們為此邀請到日本的「相撲」(體型像)主廚,Shiba San!

  • Oh, guys. We actually got a couple of friends coming over later for a kickback, so we should get started.


  • Okay, Shiba San. What we're going to work today? Today's special ingredient is~~

    Shiba San,我們今天要來做啥咧?今天的特殊食材是~~~

  • Em... guys, we didn't buy anything


  • Eh... AH!!!!!!


  • Don't worry guys. It's all good because today we're going to show you a new way to get your grocery fast and easy, without leaving your house.


  • It's called instacart. We actually discover this app service this summer while we're living in New York. If you guys know anything about living in this urban area. It is super inconvenient to go to the grocery store. Instacart solve all those issues.

    這是 Instacart,是我們這個暑假住在紐約時發現的。如果你知道住在這裡是怎麼回事的話,你一定會同意,這裡到任何一家商店都超不方便的!不過,Instacart 解決了所有的問題

  • Alright, it's like this. You are a busy person. You don't have time to go to the grocery store.


  • You go on your phone, you open up the app, you pick what items you want from the store or market that are nearby. Someone else goes, buys them for you. They'll deliver them right to your doorstep.


  • Boom! Technology! Basically, it makes life way more efficient in its way here. Okay,so, since none of us have the time to go to the store right now. We're going to order things on this app.


  • First we're making some beef bulgogi quesadillas and that is the seasoned ramen fried chicken, karaage.


  • Oh... me... And we're going to order all those ingredients of the Instacart app right now.


  • I'm not going to order them from different stores and usually you know that it will be a payment button to do that. But, I am about to leave it to a professional.


  • I know. For me, I am not a person good at shopping. I get distracted, I waste time. Let the professional come.


  • Okay, so, what we're going to need? So, for the first one, we got to need some beef (okay. oh ya, that beef.) And then quesadilla (okay..... I get some tortillas) and then some cheese. What kind of cheese? some mozzarella cheese, man. That's my favorite.


  • (Okay, we got the organic one right here) Alright, what else do we need? Second one, we need some chips obviously. (you can have the potato chips) and then (you guys want these chips or those chips?) Put your hand upon the chip, when you chip we chip we did.


  • Okay, what else do we need? And then we need some hummus. Okay, hummus. Eh... There are couples of different kinds. You want the one with more garlic or....... Oh, just skip garlic.


  • You got to have with the mango. (Get hat mango, ya, that one. That's a good mango.)


  • Alright, so, for this last dish that I kind of put a little twist on it. You got to get some ramen, get some boneless chicken.


  • Breast? Ya, you get the breast. Okay, the breast.


  • You know. This is actually easier than shopping in the store because I feel like, in a store, you will get diverted over here, you will be derivative over here. This keep you focus


  • And it makes cool noise whenever you pick up an item, it goes "bak"


  • So last what you need. The last thing I need is some eggs and flour. Oh, easy. That was right there.


  • Oh, you can search for a two? No, you type an egg, and boom! I got it.


  • If you are living in any sort of urban metropolitan area, New York, downtown LA. You definitely need this Instacart. It is going to save your life.

    如果你是住在任何一個大都市像是紐約、洛杉磯市中心的話。你肯定需要 Instacart,它可以拯救你。

  • Like even if you are in the suburbs and there are stores around you, but you are in a jam, use this.


  • These stores that we ordered from said that we are going to get the groceries within one hour. I hope before then.


  • Alright, this try is getting for real. Shiba San, what are we're going to do?

    好啦,我們已經試用完這個APP了,Shiba San,現在我們要做啥?

  • We are going on this, and a bag of chips


  • Now I know what you are thinking. Having saw we shop. You have seem something like only a rich person will do.


  • A lot of people, just few years ago, thought you have someone drive, you would have a personal driver was like a rich person thinks, too. But guess what, now we all use ride-sharing apps now.


  • Guys, we got to keep going.


  • Alright, first up it's the bulgogi. I need someone to cut it into slices. (I will do it!)


  • Next step, I would need Richie cut these green onions for the sauce. (You got it!)

    再來,我需要Richie把蔥切段,準備做醬汁 (遵命!)

  • David, I would need you to wait. While we finish all these stuff, and then you can put them all together.


  • Very seldom does the worst cook get to run the last leg of the race, but I appreciate the fate.


  • Alright, let's go!


  • So, if you are a vegetarian right there I know you would look at this like "eh~~~"


  • Green onions on the bulgogi. Ha, you know me.


  • Green Onion is so crucial to the Asian food. Give you some green onions, men.


  • I know a lot of people have party food before, but I will suggest you to put a little unique twist on it. Today we put the Asian element on it.


  • And we are Asian, and we make quesadillas. Maybe we should make "Asian quesadillas!"


  • We got to multitask, so now we're cooking the bulgogi. We got to start cooking those other dishes.


  • Hey you guys! Linda is here!

    嗨,大夥兒,Linda 來囉!

  • I am a little early,but...(can I help us cook?)

    我有點早到了,不過... (我可以幫忙做菜嗎?)

  • Look at that mango that Andrew just cut down. Don't look at that mango! That's perfect! Can we have a slice of that?

    看看 Andrew 剛切好的芒果。別看! 看起來很棒啊,我們可以吃一口嗎?

  • Hey, hey, it all tastes the same alright?

    嘿,嘿 ,味道都是一樣的好嗎?

  • Crazy right now. I'm gonna go make the sauce over there, but I think I want to observe the process of Shiba San cooking the food.

    超嗨的來了,我要去那邊準備醬汁。不過我想先看看 Shiba San 是怎麼做菜的。

  • Ah~~~~~~~


  • Check this out. I am the chef.


  • Is this a quesadilla or is this a taco? I don't know.


  • Not too much.You won't see too much. Not yet.


  • (murmuring) Are you okay there, Andrew?

    (碎念) Andrew,你還好嗎?

  • It's like the swift motion, guys.


  • You cut the pieces too big. Shiba San said cut smaller. As a line chef, I have no choice. I got to listen to the boss.

    你切太大塊了啦!Shiba San 說要小塊一點。身為副主廚,我沒得選,只能聽老大的

  • Small slice of karaage like this. Flour, and then dip it , ramen karaage.


  • Hey you guys. Let's welcome my friend Katrina. (Yeah~~)

    嘿,大家,歡迎 Katrina 囉! (耶~~)

  • I'm gonna to add this bondi sauce to make it extra delicious.


  • Alright, so we have made up the sauce for the ramen fried karaage.


  • You get many~~~~


  • I'm not gonna lie. I am impressed that we cooked that in that amount of time. Good job, Shiba San! (Thank you. Thank you.) (He would bow you like 20 times)

    不騙你,我真沒想到我們能在短時間內做出這麼多東西。幹得好,Shiba San (謝謝,謝謝) (他會鞠躬跟你道謝,大概20次吧哈哈)

  • One, two, three. Asian kitchen!

    1.2.3 Asian kitchen!

  • Shiba San, explain us what we're looking at because this is not regular food we'll have at home.

    Shiba San,告訴我們這些是啥?他們看起來不向我們會在家裡看到的普通食物

  • Alright, so, right here, we have the bulgogi quesadillas and I put a little bit of a, like a little punch.


  • Let me tell you, you did not skimp on the meat. (Yeah)

    我跟你說,這個肉可是沒在省的 (耶)

  • And then next stop we have the mango mummus pico de gallo. One of the mango sauce has ponzu and the other one doesn't, so I'm pretty excited with this one.

    再來我們有芒果風味的粗醬(莎莎醬的一種,pico de gallo意為公雞嘴),其中一份加了和風柚子醋,另一份沒有。我超期待這道料理的

  • I know a lot of people don't like cook, but I'm pretty sure that you can make this.


  • Finally my ramen chicken, karaage.


  • You know, Shiba San. I don't know if you are the first person in real world to create that dish, but you're the first person in my world. (Thanks, man)

    Shiba San,我不知道你是不是最先發明這道菜的人,但在我心目中,你就是第一個

  • Hey, what would we then say, can we?

    嘿,這時該說什麼? 可以吃了嗎?

  • Let's eat!


  • David approve that, guys.

    看到了吧,David 認證說好吃喔!

  • Okay, you guys, that was the end of the great party with great party food and I think we're relax since we not really leave the house.


  • Yo, Shiba San. You gave us great directions, great recipes. We're able to come together as a team and make some great tasty food.

    Shiba San,你給了我們很好的方向和食譜,讓我們能一起做出這麼好吃的食物

  • Honestly kind of exceed my expectations, right? I mean, it tastes honestly better than we thought.


  • Start up the Instacart, it's such a useful service. I'm definitely looking forward to use it more in the future, especially I'm in the city, definitely very efficient. I'm busy, I got a life to live . Let's go

    打開 Instacart,使用它超棒的服務。我確定將來一定還會用到,尤其是我還在城市裡的時候,它真的很有效率。當我超忙的時候,忙著賺錢養家的時候,就靠它了!

  • Alright, so left the comments below, let us know what some your favorite foods are, or what you could add as a twist.


  • Thank you so much for watching that episode and until next time, we're out. Peace!


Since the beginning of the time, mankind has had parties, and ever since the existence of parties, there has been party food.


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