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  • Do you ever gotten so drunk that you said a Luke Bryan song actually wasn't that bad? Me neither.

    你有爛醉到說 Luke Bryan 的歌其實沒那麼糟過嗎? 我也沒有。

  • One time someone took a s**t, rubbed it all over a blank disc, put it into a CD player and out came the first Brad Paisley album.

    有次某人拉了坨屎,抹在一張空白的唱片上並放進光碟機裡,第一張 Brad Paisley 的專輯就誕生了。

  • Some of my best friends are black, but Darrius Rucker sucks ass.

    有些我最好的朋友都是黑人,但是 Darrius Rucker 的歌真的爛透了。

  • Tim McGraw's new song is more embarrassing than your mom finding your penis pump.

    Tim McGraw 的新歌比你媽發現你的飛機杯還尷尬!

  • Reginald, you need to move out, man.


  • If @bretteldredge ever gets arrested, it'll be because he's doing something dumb in Walmart.

    如果 Brett Eldredge 被逮捕了,一定是因為他在 Walmart (美式賣場) 做了蠢事。

  • Fair, fair, fair statement.


  • Why does Kacey Musgraves look like the house band at Chili's?

    為什麼 Kacey Musgraves 看起來像在美式餐廳 Chili's 駐唱的樂團?

  • Marijuana works wonders. Just look at Willie Nelson. Bastard is still alive and won't die.

    大麻很神奇,看看 Willie Nelson 就知道了。那個糟老頭依然活著,而且永遠不會死。

  • You got it, pal.


  • I'm legitimately pissed off at the fact that Thomas Rhett is ugly. Like what're you doin man? Your voice and looks don't match.

    Thomas Rhett 很醜的這個事實真的讓我很火大。你到底在幹嘛?你的聲音跟臉一點都不配。

  • Sorry?


  • Rascal Flatts please do us all a favor and stop making music. You are so awful. #sobad #spareus #soundofdeath

    Rascal Flatts,可以幫我們一個忙嗎?不要再做音樂了,你們真爛。#很糟 #饒恕我們 #死亡之聲

  • I would rather listen to the sound of my grandpa eating a nectarine for 3:30 then listen to a Florida Georgia Line song.

    我寧願聽三分半我阿公吃桃子的聲音,也不要聽 Florida Georgia Line 的歌。

  • Jake Owen is a c**k sucking bitch.

    Jake Owen 是 *&% 的賤人。

  • Went to Randy Houser show and was blown away by his huge voice AND how much looks like he's being f**cked by a gorilla on the high notes.

    去了 Randy Houser 的秀,被他超大的嗓音跟飆高音時,看起來像被猩猩硬上的樣子嚇翻。

  • Gross. I just thought of Scotty McCreery.

    噁,我剛想到 Scotty McCreery。

  • Sam hunt is the male version of Taylor swift. Except his songs suck....

    Sam hunt 是男版泰勒絲,除了他的歌爛透了之外。

  • Dan and Shay are definitely butt buddies.

    Dan 和 Shay 肯定是砲友。

  • Hunter Hayes is so tiny, he sleeps in a hot dog bun.

    Hunter Hayes 超小隻,他都睡在熱狗麵包裡。

  • How did you know?


  • @ChrisYoungMusic I hope you die in a f**king plane wreck you c**k sucking f**k.

    @ChrisYoungMusic 我希望你死於飛機失事,你這個 %$#

  • Didn't really like da carrie underwood concert seem do dull it had no excitement brong bck da soccer team

    真的很不喜歡 Carrie Underwood 的音樂會,很無聊也不刺激!*&# 足球隊!

  • I didn't know what he just said.


  • Little Big Town I would buy a ticket to one of your concerts just so I could punch each of you in the face.

    Little Big Town 我會買你們演唱會的票,這樣我就可以揍你們每人一拳!

  • -Wow. -What? - We're living in a violent society! -You are mean.

    - 哇。 - 什麼? - 我們住在一個暴力的社會!- 你好壞。

Do you ever gotten so drunk that you said a Luke Bryan song actually wasn't that bad? Me neither.

你有爛醉到說 Luke Bryan 的歌其實沒那麼糟過嗎? 我也沒有。

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