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  • because it's so popular nowadays


  • all of a sudden, everybody is practicing mindfulness

    所以突然間 大家都在練習正念

  • everybody says they're practicing mindfulness


  • but as i said, this is hard work, i mean this is not just a concept

    但是如同我所說, 這是一件辛苦的事 我是指它並不只是一個概念而已

  • so it does require, in some sence ,a radical change in your own lifestyle

    它需要每天騰出時間做練習 從根本去改變你自己的生活

  • to carve out some time everyday to practice,

    我是很嚴肅在說這件事: 無所作為、不做任何事(non doing)

  • and I'm serious about this, non doing

    重要且嚴肅的是:別把它看得太嚴肅 --我可是很嚴肅的在講這件事

  • this is so serious that it is important not to take too seriously ,and I'm serious about that,


  • so lots of humour is required

    但它也需要.... 以我為例

  • but it also involves, to say, in my case for instance


  • getting up early, day in, day out


  • and making time to just be

    不做任何事 沒有電子郵件 沒有電話 沒有電視 什麼也沒有

  • nothing, having no email, no phone calls, no television, no, you know, nothing

    就只是坐著 或者躺下來

  • just sitting and, or lying down

    你可以坐著、站著、躺著 或者走路

  • you can do this sitting, standing, lying down, walking

    一天之中 騰出一些時間去做正規的禪修練習

  • but it just devoting sometime during the day to what we call formal meditation practice

    那很難 讓生活方式改變 很困難且需要很多的次數

  • that's hard, making that lifestyle change is hard and enormous


  • and our patients do it by the thousands

    直到就像一般人過生活一樣 把它運用於生活 就像水對於鴨子一樣

  • so it's like regular people can take to this and do, like ducks to water


  • because it's like giving your life back to yourself

    但是 誰有時間去做這麻煩事呢 ?

  • but who's got time for this crap?

    所以 與其練習正念 還不如去"談"正念比較好

  • so it's much better to talk about mindfulness than it is to actually practice


  • because that's hard work

    (英文字幕:大西啟介; 中譯:牧行者)

  • Verbatim :Onishi Keisuke

because it's so popular nowadays



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A2 初級 中文 美國腔 正念 練習 嚴肅 生活 禪修 時間

0407-從根本改變生活方式- Radical Lifestyle Change-Jon Kabat Zinn-中英字幕 (0407-從根本改變生活方式- Radical Lifestyle Change-Jon Kabat Zinn-中英字幕)

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