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  • We're following the US's consumer. And across the country, I travel virtually every single week,


  • Whether it's in Los Angeles or San Francisco, what's happening in New York or Chicago, or even in Miniaples.


  • The US's consumer is moving back to urban centers. So we're just simply following the consumer.


  • And while those are smaller formats, we have obviously more product available online. So if it's not available in that store today,


  • tomorrow you can order online and come by and conveniently pick up that full breadth of the targeted assortment.


  • So we're just following the consumer as they move back to urban centers. And they've told us they want the brand, we're gonna make sure the targeted brand is there.


  • So you clearly focus on exactly who your customer is, as every great marketing person is for a consumer.


  • Has that profile changed for target over time? Tell me about it. For example, are there more Hispanics in your clientele? How is it changing? How are their habits changing?


  • Well, they have changed. I mean, if we go back in time, you'll think about that target guess, that target shopper as the suburban housewife.


  • Now she's pulling up in a van with a couple of kids. And they're certainly coming to our stores today.


  • But we're appealing much more to that "Millennial Family", and we also know, more and more, they are Hispanic.


  • So we've got to recognize their needs, and make sure our assortment, the experience matches up with what they're expecting.


  • We also know our shopper today is very focused on digital. And when I walk our stores, they've got their smartphone open.


  • You're reporting on Apple today, there's a lot of Apple iPhones in someones' hand when they're shopping our stores. They're looking at our app.

    就像今天談到的蘋果,很多人在店內購物時手上拿著 iphone,使用著我們的應用程式

  • They've got their shopping list, they're downloading something we call "cartwheel", but they're very digitally-connected.


  • So we've gotta recognize when they shop our stores, now this is a very digitally-connected shopper, and we have to make sure we meet their needs.


We're following the US's consumer. And across the country, I travel virtually every single week,



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目標公司計劃如何贏得千禧年家庭的青睞? (How Target Plans to Win Over Millennial Families)

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