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  • For a vehicle to drive itself, it needs to know where it is in the world, and it also

    為了實現自動駕駛 車輛必須知道自己身在何處

  • needs to know what's around it. Based on these factors, it needs to be able to make smart

    也必須知道周遭有甚麼 除此之外 它還得要夠聰明

  • and safe driving decisions in the real world. And once you get in the car, you start to

    才能在現實世界中做出安全的駕駛決定 當你坐上這台車

  • get a real feel for the way the technology works and what it's like in real driving situations.


  • So there are a few things that have to happen before the car can start safely drive itself.

    在車輛能夠安全地自動駕駛之前 必須先達到這幾個條件

  • First, it has to figure out its location in the world. So we use GPS, but GPS isn't always

    首先 它得找到自己身處何處 為此我們使用了全球定位系統(GPS)

  • that accurate, which is why we rely on our other sensors, like the laser, which picks

    但GPS並不是永遠都那麼準確 這也是為什麼我們也同時依賴其他的感應器 像是雷射

  • up on details in the environment that help us identify a more precise location.


  • So think of the sensors as the car's eyes and ears. But with eyes that can see far off


  • into the distance and 360 degrees around the car. And the great thing about having all

    不過它能看到非常遠的距離 而且視界達到三百六十度

  • of these sensors is that they can talk to each other and get cross-checked information

    擁有這麼多感應器的好處在於 它們會與彼此交叉檢驗環境的資訊

  • about the environment. So while we take in a ton of information using our sensors, it's


  • our software that really processes all this and differentiates between objects.

    我們的軟體是處理這些資訊 分辨不同物件的幕後功臣

  • All these objects are visible on the laptop that the safety drivers use while testing the vehicles.

    當測試這些車輛時 這些物件都會顯示在安全駕駛者的筆記型電腦上

  • Based on what the vehicle senses and processes, these objects will be represented by different

    根據車輛感知與處理而來的資訊 這些物件會由不同顏色的盒子表現

  • colored boxes. Cyclists will be red, pedestrians yellow, and the vehicles will appear as either

    腳踏車騎士是紅色 行人是黃色 車輛則會以綠色或是粉紅色來呈現

  • green or pink. These boxes demonstrate the processing that takes place within the software.


  • And think about the complexity here. People look different, cars have different shapes

    想想這背後的複雜性吧 人的外表各異 車輛也有各式各樣的外型與大小

  • and sizes. Yet despite these nuances, the software needs to classify these objects appropriately

    儘管有這些細微差異 軟體仍要根據物體的形狀、移動模式或位置

  • based on factors like their shape, movement pattern, or location.


  • For example, if there's a cyclist in the bike lane, the vehicle understands that this is

    舉例來說 如果腳踏車行進在腳踏車上 自動駕駛車就知道那是一架腳踏車

  • a cyclist, not another object like a car or a pedestrian, so the cyclist appears as a

    而不是其他的車子或是行人 所以腳踏車就會以紅色盒子的形式顯示在螢幕上

  • red box on the safety driver's laptop. And the software can also detect the cyclist's


  • hand signal and yield to them appropriately. When our engineers think about where the car

    並根據手勢做出相應的動作 當工程師想著車子的目標與如何到達目的地時

  • should drive and how, safety is always the top priority. So the vehicle takes into account

    安全永遠排在第一位 所以自動駕駛車會將很多因素納入考量

  • many things, like how close it is to other objects, or matching speed with traffic, or

    像是與其他物體的距離 或是要與車流的速度相同

  • anticipating other cars cutting in. For example, as a passenger, it can feel a

    或者是預期其他車子來超車 再舉個例子

  • little uncomfortable passing by a large vehicle on the road. Our engineers have taught the

    作為乘客 與大型車輛擦身而過時總令我們心神不寧

  • software to detect the large vehicles and the laptop shows them as larger boxes on screen.

    軟體會感測到大型車輛 並將其以較大盒子的形式顯示在螢幕上

  • As our vehicle passes by a large truck, it will actually keep to the farther side of

    當我們的自動駕駛車經過大卡車時 它會往道路的另外一邊靠

  • the lane and give ourselves a little bit more space. And, we've also taught the vehicle


  • to recognize and navigate through construction zones. The vehicle's sensors can spot the


  • orange signs and cones early to alert the car of any lane blockage ahead, and then we

    車輛感應器能探測橘色號誌與三角錐 提早提醒前方的車道封鎖

  • can change lanes safely. Another thing that's really important is for


  • the vehicle to drive in a naturalistic way, because when it's natural, and the car abides

    另外一個重要之處再於 自動駕駛車以自然的方式行駛

  • by social norms on the road, it's also safer. For example, at four-way stops, people typically

    因為當車輛遵照社會常態的方式行進在路上時 也就會安全許多

  • rely on eye contact to communicate whose turn it is. And in our case, the vehicle inches

    舉例來說 在十字路口人們通常以眼神交會 來溝通表達該換誰過

  • forward into the intersection to indicate its intent.

    當一台車往前幾吋進入交叉路口時 表示出他想通過的意圖

  • So, my role as a safety driver is first and foremost to keep the car, myself, and everyone

    而我身為一個安全駕駛 最優先最重要的任務就是保護車輛、我自己和其他周遭人的安全

  • around me safe. And in addition to keeping the car safe, I also provide detailed feedback

    除了安全之外 我還要向自動駕駛車研發者提出細節的回報

  • to the developers and let them know if the car does anything that maybe I wouldn't have


  • done personally. Maybe the car wasn't assertive enough in a lane change, or wasn't fast enough

    這些事情可能是車輛換道不夠堅決 或是通過綠燈時速度不夠快

  • at a green light. We provide the detailed feedback so they can fine-tune the whole driving

    研發者們根據鉅細靡遺的回報做微調 以改善整體的駕駛經驗

  • experience. By getting out there and driving in the real


  • world, we're getting a better understanding of what exactly it's going to take to improve


  • the safety and comfort and ease of transportation. And that's really what our project's all about.

    以及增進交通運輸的舒適性 這些就是我們計畫的目的

For a vehicle to drive itself, it needs to know where it is in the world, and it also

為了實現自動駕駛 車輛必須知道自己身在何處


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