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  • We keep hearing about huge tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook crushing

  • our freedoms by censoring sexually explicit material. And my first reaction was, yes!

  • That is bullshit. This is the internet, not 1950's television. Why are they censoring

  • anything?

  • Then, I started looking in to it. And getting past all the paranoid theories about how iPhones

  • are the new big brother, and how Google is just a government pawn,

  • And the armchair anthropological analysis on how Silicon Valley is a culture crushing,

  • puritanical, old world model for what's right and wrong...

  • And what happened was, I started looking at real tangible business reasons for why these

  • companies would want to censor pornography, and an easy answer

  • came to mind immediately. Business partners.

  • Apple, for example, has made deals with Verizon, GM, Disney,

  • and a ton of other major corporations. So burning bridges with any of those companies

  • probably isn't worth the risk.

  • It makes sense, right? But, it also ignores the fact that porn itself is a huge industry

  • and by censoring them these companies are cutting off business opportunities with those

  • companies as well.

  • Plus, what's Disney gonna do, just not sell iPhone games? Is Intel gonna stop making computer

  • parts? Business partners probably have a lot to do with it, but it just seems like too

  • simple a solution.

  • So, maybe it's not about companies. Maybe it's about customers. Apple needs everybody

  • to buy their stuff...moms, kids, Mormons, Methodists, Satanists, Stalinists, soup lovers...

  • everyone. And they need those people to feel safe using their products without the fear

  • of running into material that they'd find offensive. So in that regard,

  • censoring sexually explicit material is a no brainer.

  • But I still don't think that's the reason. Companies could easily make it so that the

  • user themselves can censor whatever they want. Just like Google does with SafeSearch.

  • Or, they could create a dedicated section of their content for adults only, like how

  • video stores used to have that creepy room in the back for porn enthusiasts? Again, all

  • of this likely contributes - but it's not the only reason.

  • So, why are these innovative cutting edge tech companies censoring content? It could

  • be all of those things I listed earlier, or it could be because they are cutting edge

  • and innovative.

  • They're creating new things, and in extreme cases like Google Glass, they're creating

  • new, strange, misunderstood, and potentially terrible things.

  • 11. And that means convincing the general public to buy into using, owning and loving

  • something they know nothing about and are naturally suspicious of.

  • You're asking the world to learn something new and you've got to do whatever you can

  • to make that learning process as simple as possible. Letting porn apps and topless girls

  • into the conversation can make it really hard for the general public to concentrate.

  • So I say, censor away technology! As long as you keep coming up with new and exciting

  • ways to make our lives a little bit better. I'll just look at porn the old fashioned way,

  • by opening up a web browser. Wear condoms everybody.

We keep hearing about huge tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook crushing


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蘋果和谷歌為什麼要審查色情片? (Why Do Apple and Google Censor Porn?)

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