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  • Harajuku is one of Tokyo's most unique thriving fashion and cultural hubs.

  • Harajuku fashion is known for its bright colours and eccentric style and now there is a cafe that encompasses just that.

  • The Kawaii Monster Cafe is the latest themed cafe to hit the streets of Tokyo.

  • After browsing through their super KAWAII multilingual website and Facebook page,

  • i knew that this was a place that i had to visit on my next trip to Tokyo.

  • Fortunately, on my trip i was able to visit twice in one day for lunch and dinner!

  • When i arrived i was amazed by all the bright neon colours, design and artwork.

  • On both occasions the cafe entrance was full of people and a line had been formed.

  • The cafe offers four unique areas to dine in,

  • The Mushroom Disco,

  • The Milk Stand,

  • Bar Experiments,

  • and Mel-Tea Room.

  • You must choose which area you would like to sit in before entering.

  • Like most themed bars and cafes there is a 500 yen seating charge per person for a 90 minutes session.

  • We were told by the very KAWAII employee that we were about to enter the stomach ofChoppythe monster

  • and that this was in fact his tongue in which we were standing on.

  • Once the doors opened it was as if we had stepped into another universe,

  • right in front of us was theSweets Go Round’.

  • A super KAWAII merry go round that we would later pose for photo’s in front of.

  • For lunch i was accompanied by my friend Moeri and we were seated in the 'Milk Stand’.

  • The milk stand area features massive heads of rabbits, sheep and unicorns drinking their milk in a babies room.

  • For dinner i was accompanied by fellow YouTubers Strawberry Mochi, Piggles De Gaijin and Tyler and we were seated in the Mushroom Disco.

  • The Mushroom Disco area features a big forest made up of poisonous colourful mushrooms and space plants.

  • Even the menus were super KAWAII.

  • They were iPads placed inside a an ice-cream like plastic case.

  • The menu had a variety of unique foods, drinks and desserts including items such as

  • Chocolate Chicken Mole Amore’,’Druggy Cocktail (Nasty) and Colourful Poison Parfait (Extreme).

  • For lunch i ordered theColourful Rainbow Pasta (Painter)'

  • The pasta was garlic flavoured and came with 5 different dipping sauces.

  • The green pesto was my favourite. It was delicious.

  • And my friend ordered the ‘M・A・D・B・L・T’

  • Moeri's ‘M・A・D・B・L・T’ also came with 5 mysterious dipping sauces.

  • She enjoyed the ‘M・A・D・B・L・T’ and she said it was delicious.

  • To Drink i ordered theFruity Heavenly (Real Fruits)’

  • The drink was in a mason jar and had a variety of fresh fruits and a mint leaf for added flavour.

  • The drink itself was a sweet peach flavour, it was really yummy..

  • and Moeri ordered theShake Big Shake (Mango)’

  • Moeri's mango shake drink was very visually appealing,

  • she said it was very good however it was really sweet.

  • For Dinner, Piggles and I ordered the Popcorn shrimp that literally was popcorn and shrimp,

  • It came with 5 different dipping sauces and the blue one turned out to be sour cream and onion. It was good.

  • Piggles tried the green one which was wasabi and mayonnaise.

  • I think HE had a little bit too much.

  • Kelly ordered the colourful pasta (painter)

  • Kelly said that her favourite dipping sauce was the bright yellow one which turned out to be garlic flavoured.

  • She also liked the pesto and she that said both sauces were really good.

  • and Tyler ordered the waffles and chicken.

  • To Drink, I ordered theDruggy Cocktail (Nasty)’,

  • It was grape juice with a dash of cassis and vodka.

  • Kelly ordered theDruggy Cocktail (Experiment)’

  • After you added the blue and orange test tube, the drink tasted like melon soda with and after taste of koolaid.

  • Piggles ordered the 'Moscow Mule, he said it was safe and sane.

  • and Tyler ordered a beer.

  • As we were dining the KAWAII Monster Girls and Boys came over to greet us, talk to us about our travels and take pictures.

  • The bathroom was also crazy coloured complete with a sink made from bouncy balls.

  • Upon finishing and paying for our meals we were given point cards with which entitle you to more and more privileges each time you visit.

  • There are four levels, with the second level giving you access to theSpecial Menu

  • I’ll definitely have to go back to try that.

  • As a final departing gift we were each given a pair ofChoppy’s’ chopsticks.

  • Before leaving we posed for photo’s with the KAWAII Monster Girls and Boys in front of theSweets Go Round’.

  • On exiting the store you are taken through the KAWAII Monster Gift Store where you can purchase KAWAII Monster themed goods.

  • The Kawaii Monster Cafe is just a short 5 minute walk from JR’s Harajuku station or Tokyo Metro’s Jingumae station

  • and is located on the 4th floor of the YM square building.

  • The cafe is open from 7 days a week from 11:30am to 10:30pm with the last entry at 9:30pm and last order at 10pm

  • This kind of cafe cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.

  • If youre ever in Tokyo and are up for experiencing something a little different, i definitely recommend that you check out the KAWAII Monster Cafe in Harajuku.

  • This is Kelly aka Strawberry Mochi

  • She has a really great channel, it has a lot of useful things about Japan so you should definitely check it out.

  • and i will link it all down below.

  • Yeah, she's really cute and has a great singing voice, so if you like Japanese songs and you like singing check her out!

  • YAY!!

Harajuku is one of Tokyo's most unique thriving fashion and cultural hubs.


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KAWAII Monster Cafe in Harajuku (ft Strawberry Mochi) //emilylouisemaitland ♡。 (KAWAII Monster Cafe in Harajuku (ft Strawberry Mochi) //emilylouisemaitland ♡)

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