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  • This company has as many Touchpoints with the real economy as any in America.


  • Trillion dollars are almost in loans, you've got 6,200 branches, maybe more than that by now. What do you see right now?


  • Actually the economy is fundamentally strong, but the strength is regional. So we re-regionalize the country from a economic perspective.


  • And what I mean by that is, take the bay area for example, it's strong here as I've seen in my 13 years.


  • So, I mean housing is booming, technology is booming, commercial real estate is booming, but if you go 150 miles to the east and the south into the central valley,

    我是指當那些房地產、科技都在不斷成長時,看看150 哩外在南方與東方的峽谷區中,

  • you would not see that same strength, because it's based on what ...(so it's fragmented?) so it's fragmented.

    你並不會看到相同的成長,因為這是基於.... 所以說它是片段沒有連帶影響的。

  • But you can't argue with a 5.1% unemployment, consumer confidence's up, autos booming,

    但你不能對 5.1% 的失業率、提升的消費者信心提出辯證,

  • and there's partial economies that are strong. The biggest risk of the US's economy is what's happening outside the US.


  • And that's something we can't control? Can't control that. Well, where are we in a credit cycle?

    這些是我們不能控制的嗎? 我們的確沒辦法!那麼我們究竟在信貸週其中扮演什麼樣的角色呢?

  • Well, from most of our credit products, we are clearly at the best side. (not in close to the top?) Well, while you call the top... the bottom of losses... the top on quality.

    - 我們大多數的信貸商品,某些程度都是所謂好的那種。 - 不是接近頂尖的那種嗎? -這個...你也可以說是損失最少的、品質與保證最好的啦!

  • And you're through the cycle we should not expect, you know the charge of a 3rd of 1%, which is where Wells Fargo has been the last year, so...

    但今日我們面對和預期不同的週期現況,價格相當去年富國銀行 1% 的三分之一。

  • Where you're gonna be in a year from now?


  • Well, I don't know. I think you can't ever tell surely the energy area is more challenged today,

    這個嗎? 我不能清楚說明,我覺得很難明確的點出哪些地方真的具有潛力的。

  • but real estate is such a big driver for us that if real estate continues to improve which we expect it will, that's a big driver for our product quality.


This company has as many Touchpoints with the real economy as any in America.



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富國銀行CEO:美國面臨的最大風險是其他經濟體 (Wells Fargo CEO: Biggest Risk to U.S. Is Other Economies)

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