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  • 5 Rules How To Wear A Suit Jacket With Jeans Pairing Denim And Suit Jackets Successfully

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  • Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno. I'm the founder of Real Men Real Style. Today, I'm going to be

  • giving you five rules on wearing a suit jacket with jeans. Now, I know what some of you guys

  • are thinking. "Antonio, never wear a suit jacket with jeans." Well, I'm going to give

  • you five rules that can kind of bend that rule and hopefully will help you make a smart

  • decision and won't ruin a suit or look like you don't know what you're doing.

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  • appreciate it when you like these videos. Okay, so let's get into this.

  • Rule number one when you're bringing together a suit jacket and jeans, this suit jacket,

  • does it actually have a pair of matching trousers? Are you breaking up a suit, and is this your

  • only suit? Because if that's the case, do not try to make this happen. The reason being

  • is it's more valuable for you to have that suit than for you to wear that suit jacket

  • as a blazer or as a sports jacket and then to possibly get it damaged, or to start really

  • liking it, wear it so many times, wash it, clean it, and all of a sudden, you match it

  • with a pair of trousers and one is darker than the other.

  • You need to have a working suit in your wardrobe and you shouldn't sacrifice your only suit

  • jacket to try to have a new combination. Instead, I would recommend that you either go to the

  • thrift store or you go out and you buy a proper blazer or sports jacket. That would be my

  • advice there if you're breaking up a suit.

  • Now, if this is a suit that you just don't wear anymore, the trousers are torn up, go

  • for it. Go ahead and move on to part number two, and that part is, does the jacket fit?

  • Now, I'm going to link you guys and in the support article, I'm going to show exactly

  • how a jacket should fit.

  • Let's just say it should fit right in the shoulders. It shouldn't have too much room

  • over. It shouldn't be too tight there. You should be able to move your arms back and

  • forth. You don’t have to be able jump up and knock out some pull-ups. It shouldn't

  • have wrinkles over on the shoulders. It shouldn't have too much room back here. Take it to get

  • it adjusted. If it's too small or if it's way two or three sizes too big, you're going

  • to want to pass and not try to wear it with a pair of jeans.

  • However, let's say it fits you well. Let's move on to point number three, and that is,

  • is the style of the jacket timeless? If you found this in your dad's closet and he was

  • having a lot of fun wearing this jacket in the 1970s, we may want to be careful because

  • the lapels may be way too wide. It may have things on it and the pockets may just be kind

  • of a little bit of a retro-style. We may see something where there's embroidery on the

  • pockets or it's got something on the back, a big vent or something that just really screams

  • 1980s disco party. Let's just say that the style may disqualify this jacket. So is the

  • style timeless?

  • Number four, is the fabric right? Many suit jackets that are going to be worn with a pair

  • of jeans or they've been orphaned actually have stripes on them, maybe pinstripes. Let's

  • just say that pinstripes do not make a good blazer. They don’t look like a blazer. They

  • don’t look like a sports jacket. They look like an orphaned suit jacket that was a pinstripe

  • suit, so that's not a good combination.

  • However, if it's a solid navy blue, if it's a solid maybe light gray, if it's something

  • that's a tweed, if it was once part of a tweed suit, that's a great find and that is the

  • right fabric that you can -- because it does look like a sport jacket. It looks like a

  • blazer and therefore, you'll be able to wear it as a suit jacket with jeans.

  • The last thing I'm going to have to say is make sure the jeans that you are pairing with

  • the suit jacket are right, so you don’t want to wear anything stonewashed, super baggy,

  • something that doesn't fit you. Now, again, in the article, I'm going to show exactly

  • how a pair of jeans should fit on a man. You don't want to go, again, for those really

  • baggy ones. You want to go for something that is going to be of the right length, so make

  • sure you get them tapered where they're cut at the bottom. They should be tapered correctly

  • because you want to be wearing these either with dress boots or with dress shoes.

  • You want to make sure that they're the right length, so get them hemmed if necessary. You

  • do not want to wear something also that's too light colored. Usually, you're going to

  • want those jeans to be a very dark indigo, possibly with something like a selvedge denim,

  • or you're going to want to go with something that's black or a colored denim as well.

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  • Guys, let me know what you think. I would like to thank Lee Jeans. They're the sponsor

  • of this video. They've made it possible. If you go check out the article, guys, I'm going

  • to link to some of their jeans. They came out with a new 101, a very nice selvedge,

  • which I actually wear.

  • Now, I've got enough sports jackets and blazers. I once did and I have to admit, this was maybe

  • five -- this was when I was getting out of the Marine Corps. I had a suit jacket that

  • I recycle and I feel pretty good in it. I would have to say that I maybe didn't follow

  • all the rules, but if you follow four or three out of five, I think you're going to do pretty

  • well.

  • So guys, let me know in the comments and go check out Lee Jeans. I'll link to them as

  • well. Take care. See you in the next video. Bye-bye.

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5 Rules How To Wear A Suit Jacket With Jeans Pairing Denim And Suit Jackets Successfully


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