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  • When you hear the word "hacking," you generally think of bad people getting into your computer to steal your identity or do things like that.


  • That's Whitson Gordon. He is the deputy editor of

    那是 Whitson Gordon。他是 的副總編輯。

  • Well, what the word hacking really means is finding a clever way to do something and often that's a clever way to work around an established system.

    "Hacking" 這個字眼真正的意思是找一個聰明的辦法來做某事,而那往往是用聰明的方式處理既定的系統。

  • And you'd be surprised at how many established systems there are in your own life.


  • There is a system for how you get up in the morning and a system for how you check your email. And a system you use for your calendar and on and on and on.


  • A lot of us are so entrenched in the systems that we are a part of in the way that we work day to day.


  • But we don't realize sometimes there is an easier way to do something.


  • And so yeah, hacking into someone's bank account, that's really bad.


  • But, hacking into your own life? That can be really good!


  • Because, the way that we do things generally sucks.


  • Life hacking can range from doing something to your wireless router to get better reception to making your headphones stay better in your ear with a $2 pair of ear plugs.

    生活駭客的範圍可以從對無線路動點手腳讓它收訊更好,到用一副 2 美元的耳塞讓耳機更好地塞在耳朵裡。

  • It's just little things that make your day-to-day life easier and more efficient.


  • So how do I go about hacking systems in my own life?


  • The first thing I would do is go about your work as normal and maybe take a little bit of time at the end of each day, just 10 minutes, to think about what you did that day.


  • You know, "This point in my day was really inefficient. How can I maybe do that better?"


  • Do that every day, you'll start to see where maybe the inefficiencies are in your work.


  • You know, maybe you spend way too much time trying to wade through emails or you spend way too much time typing out certain things.


  • From there I just have to be really creative and think outside the box. Are there any tricks that you have at that point?


  • You say to yourself, "God, I'm spending so much time typing out this tedious stuff all day long."


  • You go on to Google. You search for, "How to save yourself time in typing,"and you'll find not just a lot of solutions from people,

    你上 Google 搜尋「如何省下自己打字的時間」,然後你會找到不僅來自許多他人解決方法,還有許多已寫好的實際電腦程式來解決特定問題。

  • but a lot of actual programs for computers that people have written to deal with that specific problem.


  • What would be the purpose behind caring about Lifehacks?

    對 Lifehacks 感興趣的背後目的是什麼?

  • You know, most of us are wasting, just wasting X percent of our time on tedious tasks or wasting X percent of our money on things we could easily make ourselves

    大多數的我們就這麼浪費百分之 X 的時間在單調乏味的工作,或浪費我們百分之 X 的錢在可以輕易完成的事物上,

  • and by dedicating part of your day to reorganizing your thoughts and rehacking some of these little things that you do every day,


  • you can save a ton of time, you know, be more productive, have more time to spend on the things that are really more important.


  • - Hi, I'm Jonathan. - And my name is Kirsten. We work here at Epipheo.

    - 嗨,我是 Jonathan。- 我是 Kirsten。我們在 Epipheo 工作。

  • Watching that video made me think, "What are the things I do every day that I could do more efficiently?"


  • - Well, you could do crunches while you brush your teeth. - Yeah, after you. - I already do.

    - 嗯,你可以在刷牙的時候做仰臥起坐。- 是喔,你先吧。- 我已經這麼做了。

  • - Wait, really? - Yeah. - Oh, okay.

    - 等等,真的嗎?- 真的。- 喔,好吧。

  • So, anyways, we would love to hear from you on your ideas on how you can hack your way to a better life. So, leave us a comment below.


  • And we want to thank for partnering with us on this video series.

    然後我們想要感謝 在這個影片系列和我們合作。

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When you hear the word "hacking," you generally think of bad people getting into your computer to steal your identity or do things like that.



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