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  • What do you want to be when you grow up Olivia? Umm, an astronaut! Do you happen to know what

    不插電活動 | 什麼是電腦科學?

  • a computer programmer is? Yeahh, umm, no. Umm, what what? I'm not really sure how to

    奧利維亞,你長大後想做什麼呢? -嗯…太空人。

  • explain it. Computer programming is pretty simple. It's a set of instructions, like a


  • recipe. You have to follow them step by step to get the end result you want. Computer science


  • is a way to impact the world. It can be music videos, it can be games, detect whether or


  • not someone is related to someone else. Find you know, people's friends. You can do all


  • sorts of other crazy things that actually save lives. You do have to have a drive I

    (Makinde - Pinterest的工程師)電腦程式設計是相當簡單的。

  • think. It is to me like a paintbrush. I think great programming is not all that dissimilar


  • from great art. When I finally learned a little bit of programming, that blank wall resolved


  • into a bunch of doors and you open them and of course then you find behind them is another


  • hallway filled with a bunch of doors. Programming is fun and easy. You can do anything your


  • mind wants to do. Finally you start to open enough doors the light comes in. To me a finished


  • program is like a structure filled with light. All the corners are illuminated. The number

    (Tess - 谷歌工程師)它可以用來尋找兩個人之間的關聯。

  • of people that you can touch and interact with is something the world has never seen


  • before. Our first lesson in this series is all about what computer science is, what a


  • computer scientist does and how you can be more responsible in your use of technology.

    (傑克 - 推特創建者)我想,首先你得有一顆硬碟。

  • It's a very important lesson but it is a little text-heavy. At the end, you get to make your


  • very own customized encoding using your initials. It's a fun activity and it's very empowering


  • because binary is one of those things that feels very technical but once you understand

    (Bromlin - 電玩遊戲設計師)當我終於開始學到一點程式設計的竅門時,

  • it, it's like you speak a secret language.


What do you want to be when you grow up Olivia? Umm, an astronaut! Do you happen to know what

不插電活動 | 什麼是電腦科學?


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A2 初級 中文 美國腔 程式 電腦 科學 設計 通道 活動

什麼是計算機科學--不插電活動 (What is Computer Science - unplugged activity)

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