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  • Yo yo yo

  • Breaking Bad spoilers ahead, bitch.

  • I've seen terrible things...

  • Things that keep me awake at night...

  • Hank's death...

  • Jesse tortured...

  • Skyler naked...

  • Get him to the hospital! We need what he knows.

  • But I've never seen anything like this...

  • (Foreboding roar)

  • Its been feeding on Asians for years.

  • But now it's eating White people.

  • Something, uh... has to be done.

  • It's destroying everything! And just breaking shit!

  • Like some total asshole!

  • (Sobbing)

  • Typical signs of ADHD.

  • We planned to give him Desoxyn.

  • Essentially a form pharmaceutical meth used to treat ADHD.

  • But it's not strong enough.

  • Mr. White

  • I'm going to be frank with you.

  • Your country needs you to whip up some of that cool blue shit.

  • So we can calm Godzilla the fuck down.

  • Jesse, we have to cook.

  • (Screams)

  • > You ruined my family!

  • You corrupted my husband!

  • Nobody likes you, bitch!

  • Why? Because I'm a strong, independent female character?

  • It's because you look like Rocky Dennis!

  • Jesse, we need more speed!

  • Really? Because the first one kind of bombed, yo.

  • No, you idiot!

  • Oh you mean meth, yo. Because speed is a name for meth.

  • No I mean drive faster, Jesse!

  • We're going to need someone expendable to administer the drug.

  • You know, someone who doesn't really contribute to the story in any way...

  • and nobody would really care if he was gone...

  • I sure hope I don't break my legs because if I'm not careful then I could end up paralyzed.

  • Say my name.

  • (Roar)

  • You're goddamn right.

Yo yo yo


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哥斯拉VS沃爾特-懷特 (Godzilla vs Walter White)

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