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  • Happy birthday.

  • [ Michael ] This is a nice crib, huh?

  • Oh. Hey, Michael. You scared me.

  • - What areyou doing? - l'm just looking.

  • - At the house? - [ Chuckles ]

  • No, l'm looking atyou.

  • [ Chuckles ] That's the cognac speaking. Here. Thanks.

  • You know, the first time l ever sawyou, l said to myself.

  • ''That girl is so fine.''

  • Quit playin'. Who's playing? l'm not playing.

  • No, seriously. No, seriously.

  • Come on. Stop. Stop! Stop!

  • Get offofme.

  • Bitch, howyou gonna play me like that?

  • Oh. Oh, l see. l see. You're one ofthose.

  • l'm not one ofanything. l'm just not up for this.

  • What about, ''l owe you so much, Michael''? ''You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Michael.''

  • Professionally, yeah.

  • All right. That was all talk. That was all talk, right?

  • Just soyou could get ahead in life? No, no, stay. Don't leave.

  • You made it. You're here. Stay.

  • Look, it's a fancy party. You came in a fancy car.

  • You're drunk.

  • l'm gonna doyou a favor.

  • l'm gonna pretend like none ofthis happened.

  • See you on Monday.

Happy birthday.


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親愛的 (8/10) 電影剪輯 - 親愛的拒絕邁克爾 (2003) HD (Honey (8/10) Movie CLIP - Honey Rejects Michael (2003) HD)

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