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  • Oh, uh, we have a meeting later.

  • With who? Uh, it's, uh, the big guys.

  • Downtown. l'll pickyou up. We'll go together.

  • l can't. l'm going to Atlantic City.

  • No, you are not. Absolutely not.

  • You gotta be there, Honey. l'm gonna pickyou up around 5:OO.

  • l know. l gotta go to some wack meeting instead ofA.C.

  • [ Doorbell Rings ]

  • lt's boss man.

  • Well, you girls have a good time, okay, Gina?

  • Who is it? It's Michael. Let me up.

  • [ Buzzes ] [ Sighs ]

  • All right. l gotta go.

  • You wild out. Tear that place up. Okay.

  • [ Knocking ]

  • Hey. Hey, sweetie.

  • Oh, this is--

  • Well, this is whereyou live here.

  • What's with the threads?

  • Q. Walker's black-and-white party?

  • Got anyjuice? l thought we were going to a meeting.

  • Business and pleasure are the same thing. You know that, Honey.

  • lfl knew it was a party, l wouldn't have canceled on my best friend's birthday.

  • You would rather go toAtlantic City,

  • which will always be there, with friends you always see,

  • instead ofgoing to the hottest party in town with me?

  • Look.

  • Eveybody is gonna be there.

  • All right? Artists, producers, other choreographers.

  • lt would be career suicide ifyou didn't go.

  • All right. Change into that,

  • and, uh, l'll meetyou downstairs.

  • Okay?

  • Okay.

Oh, uh, we have a meeting later.


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親愛的(7/10)電影片段 - 職業自殺(2003)HD (Honey (7/10) Movie CLIP - Career Suicide (2003) HD)

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