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  • This is the tenth lesson in our series 'Phrasal Verbs

  • in Daily English Conversations'.

  • Hello and welcome everyone, this is Minoo at Anglo-Link.

  • If you haven't watched the first lesson, I recommend that you do that now.

  • This is important because I explain some general rules about phrasal verbs

  • that you need to know before you practise them in conversation.

  • To watch the first lesson you can either click on this image,

  • or if you're watching on a mobile device,

  • you will find a link in the description. If you've already watched

  • the first lesson then you're ready to carry on with this one. We're now going to practice

  • some new phrasal verbs and expressions in a new dialogue.

  • Just remember to repeat each sentence first

  • with a non-phrasal expression and then with the phrasal expression.

  • So that by the end of the lesson, you have a really good grasp

  • of the meaning and usage of these expressions.

  • Right then, when you're ready we can begin!

This is the tenth lesson in our series 'Phrasal Verbs


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日常英語會話中的短語動詞--第十課 (Phrasal Verbs in Daily English Conversations - Lesson 10)

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