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  • [Love Will Have Its Sacrifices opening theme]

  • Gone? Did you just vanish our Library like the freaking Nothing in the Neverending Story?

  • Can she do that?

  • The Library could. The thing's essentially a sentient Escher painting with shelves. The only question is, why would it?

  • We were headed that way to see if we could even get in to the Library

  • and there were these men - those men - all in black like a SWAT team, taking the books.

  • Taking the books?

  • Portions of the collection are being sold tointerested parties to cover Silas' operating deficit.

  • So we followed them in, and the books were screaming. The shelves were shifting around like a giant maze,

  • then the stacks just started crushing everyone.

  • We decided evacuation was the better part of valour, so we were about twenty feet back when the entire

  • building folded itself out of existence. It was pretty awesome.

  • [JP cuts in and out]

  • Jeep? You okay?

  • I'm fine. A momentary interruption in my power supply.

  • While vanishing architecture is unfortunate, the cuts are necessary.

  • Cuts? This is a University, and you just took our library. You can't just do that!

  • Of course I can. The Board voted.

  • Is the Board Chair still here?

  • And to what do I owe the Ride of the Valkyries?

  • The school cancelled the Adonis Festival.

  • We can't afford the extra security.

  • Hey! Where's that Board-lady?

  • A bunch of goons from some company are dismantling our brewing tanks.

  • Those tanks are school property, and will be sold along with other equipment from

  • the chemical and biological science departments.

  • What?

  • They are ruining a really rad batch of Pilsner.

  • Tragic...

  • How is the University supposed to function without a library and research equipment?

  • We are doing our best to preserve the essentials-

  • The essentials?!

  • [yelling - about beer, and centrifuges, and longstanding Silas traditions]

  • [Mattie emits a very non-human scream. Somewhere between bird of prey and ultrasonic weaponry.]

  • I'm sorry.

  • But do you children think we're having a discussion?

  • See that subscribe button? You should click it. [Love Will Have Its Sacrifices closing theme]

[Love Will Have Its Sacrifices opening theme]


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卡米拉 - 第二季 - 第8集 "消失的行為" (Vanishing Act) (Carmilla | Season 2 | Episode 8 "Vanishing Act")

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