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I don't wanna die!
Nothing can bring a movie audience to tears like the death of a beloved character.
Come on over here and fight like a man.
But when an actor or actress's on screen death is well-deserved, insanely over the top, or
delivered at the hands of a horror icon, viewers may be too busy laughing or cheering to feel sad.
Make a choice.
Here are Screen Rant's 10 Funniest Movie Deaths.
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Since Freddy Krueger uses dreams to take out teenagers, every kill in the series is ridiculous
in some way. But when Nancy's mother is surprised by the slasher, he smashes an arm through
a glass window - and the viewer's suspension of disbelief. It's obviously impossible to
actually pull the actress through the window, but the awkward dummy taking her place turns
the genuine jump scare into a bad joke.
Live and Let Die
As crazy or hard to believe as some of James Bond's kills have been, there's no debating which is
the weirdest. When 007 has his showdown with the villain of Live and Let Die, a short,
awkward grapple sends both men into a shark tank, where James leaves his opponent to die.
Not by shark, but one of the villain's own Inflating bullets. When the man floated to
the ceiling and exploded, the audience wasn't laughing at the twist - they were laughing
at how ridiculous Roger Moore's super spy had really become.
Enough! That’s enough now, from all of you!
Deep Blue Sea
When a movie is absolutely filled with ridiculous deaths, it takes something special for one
kill to rise above the rest. Or in this case, just a passionate speech from Samuel L. Jackson.
When his character has shown why he's just the man to help the movies cast survive an
assault from super-smart sharks, the fish get the last laugh, cutting his plan short
with a single bite. The surprise and absurdity of the kill made it one of Hollywood's cult
favourites, eventually becoming well known even if movie fans never sat through the entire
shark drama.
Audiences were shocked enough when comedy icon Bill Murray made a surprise appearance
as himself in this post-apocalyptic tale. Murray's decision to scare
another survivor winds up costing him, but his sudden and unceremonious death is the
perfect exit. The actor made sure his cameo would be remembered as one of movie's best moments.
Letting him dish out some deadpan humor, and even a playful shot at his worst-reviewedrole to date.
So do you have any regrets? "Garfield," maybe.
And with his dying breath, showed there's always time for another joke.
Big Trouble in Little China
No list of insane movie deaths is complete without this entry from the classic Kurt Russel
martial arts fantasy. When his trucker hero has managed to take out the supernatural villain
of Big Trouble, the warlord's lieutenant is more than a little angry. Instead of looking
for revenge, he lets his anger build, eventually inflating him to a level of ridiculousness
that the movie had yet to reach, before exploding in a burst of lettuce. The death alone is
worth the movies entire runtime.
Ben Stiller made an entire movie out of the idea that fashion supermodels aren't exactly
gifted thinkers, but the true stupidity of Derek Zoolander's best friends only became
clear moments before their death. Food fights, pillow fights, and snowball fights are all
in good fun, but a gasoline fight is asking for trouble. The gag might have been one of
biggest reaches in the entire movie, but there's no denying its staying power. There are lots
of laughs to be had throughout the movie, but the scene - and it's fiery end - are impossible
to forget.
Total Recall
It's hard to tell what's true and what isn't in this sci-fi classic, but when Arnold Schwarzenegger
finally gets to Mars, he sends the movie's villain out onto the planet's surface. Without
any air to breathe, he's dead in under a minute. (Well, the oozing, swelling plastic version
if him is, anyway. If the movie really is all in Quaid's head, then he never learned
what a lack of oxygen would do to a human being. But he's clearly a fan of schlocky
It's hard to pick just one memorable death in this SNL feature film, since the final
act sends the hero into a throat-ripping frenzy. But MacGruber finally gets the payback he's
been waiting for when his nemesis shows up to ruin his wedding. It wasn't enough to beat
Dieter Von Kunth and throw him to his death. The handy hero needed to riddle him with bullets
on the way down, and even run salt in the wound by desecrating his corpse..... Twice.
Fuck you dude!
True Lies
Director James Cameron set a record with the budget of his action-comedy True Lies, but
audiences got to enjoy every dollar of it on the big screen. As star Arnold Schwarzenegger
battles a group of terrorists out of a skyscraper and onto the wings of a fighter jet, audiences
probably thought things had gotten as insane as possible. But with the villain hanging
from one of the fighter's missiles, and his partners escaping in a nearby helicopter,
Arnold decides to solve two problems at once, delivering one of the most laughable kills
in his entire career.
Team America: World Police
The actors may not be humans, but that only guaranteed that each and every single kill
and stunt in Team America would be a surefire gag. The squad's celebration is cut short
when one surviving terrorist suddenly cuts down one of their own. Even though the twist
has been seen in dozens of action flicks, the tragedy of a puppet being cut down in
his prime, and the insane death dance of his killer is impossible not to laugh at.
Those are just a few of our favorite funny movie deaths, but did we miss any of your
favorite outrageous kills? Be sure to leave them in the comment section below, and don't forget to subscribe to our
channel for more videos like this one.


你不可不知的十大電影爆笑死法! (10 Funniest Death Scenes In Movies)

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