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  • We end tonight with a little boy with enormous power - the power to lift spirits.

    我們用一個擁有巨大能量的男孩為今晚做結 — 他擁有鼓舞人心的能量。

  • Here's Steve Hartman, On The Road.

    以下是 On the Road 的 Steve Hartman 的報導。

  • It is every kid's worst nightmare, and six-year-old Jaden Hayes has lived it. Twice.

    它是小孩最大的夢魘,而六歲的 Jaden Hayes 卻經歷了兩次。

  • First, he lost his dad when he was four, then, last month his mom died unexpectedly in her sleep.


  • I tried and I tried, I tried to... to get her awake, I couldn't.


  • Jaden is understandably heartbroken.

    可以理解 Jaden 有多心痛。

  • Anybody can die, just anybody.


  • But there's another side to his grief, a side he first made public a few weeks ago, when he told his aunt, and now guardian, Barbara DiCola,

    但他的悲傷還有另外一面,幾週前首度曝光,當他告訴他的姨媽兼監護人 Barbara DiCola

  • that he was sick and tired of seeing everyone sad all the time, and he had a plan to fix it.


  • And that was the beginning of it, that's where the adventure began.


  • - Jaden asked his aunt Barbara to buy a bunch of little toys and bring them here to downtown Savannah Georgia, near where he lives. - Oh, thank you, sweetie!

    - Jadan 請他的阿姨 Barbara 買了一堆小玩具,並帶到離家不遠的喬治亞州薩凡納城市區。- 謝謝你,小可愛!

  • - So he could then give them away. - You want me to have it?

    - 這樣一來他就可以將小玩具送人。- 你要送給我嗎?

  • Thank you man!


  • What is it you're doing?


  • Well, I'm trying to make people smile.


  • Rubber duckies, dinosaurs...

    黃色小鴨、恐龍 …

  • 'Cause those are the things that make people smile?


  • Yeah!


  • And what happens to their face?


  • Really?


  • Really.


  • See that man right there?


  • - Jaden targets people who aren't already smiling and then turns their day around. - You made me smile!

    - Jaden 鎖定臉上沒有笑容的人,希望他們心情好起來。 - 你讓我笑了!

  • He's gone out on four different occasions now, and he's always successful.


  • It's to make you smile.


  • Even if sometimes he doesn't get exactly the reaction he was hoping for.


  • It is just so overwhelming to some people that a six-year-old orphan would give away a toy, expecting nothing in return, except a smile.


  • Of course, he is paid handsomely in hugs. And his aunt says these reactions have done wonders for Jaden.

    當然,他獲得了非常多擁抱。他的阿姨說這些反應對 Jaden 有奇效。

  • It's like sheer joy came out of this child, and the more people that he made smile, the more this light shows.

    Jaden 彷彿充滿源源不絕的快樂能量,他幫助越多人,散發出的喜悅就越明顯。

  • Jaden says, that's mostly true.

    Jaden 說,大致上來說沒錯。

  • But I'm still sad that my mom died.


  • I bet you are.


  • This is by no means a fix, but in the smiles he's made so far, nearly five hundred at last count,

    這是無法彌補的遺憾,但至今 Jaden 已經成功讓將近 500 人展露笑顏,

  • Jaden has clearly found a purpose.

    Jaden 顯然找到了目標。

  • I'm counting on it to be 33,000.

    我希望集滿 33,000 人。

  • 33,000?


  • That's a pretty big goal!


  • You think you can make that goal?


  • I think I can!


  • I think, he just did.


  • Steve Hartman, On The Road, in Savannah Georgia.

    我是 Steve Hartman,這是 On The Road 在喬治亞州賽凡納的報導。

  • And that's the CBS Evening News for tonight. From all of us at CBS News all around the world, I'm Scott Pelley, and I'll see you Sunday on 60 Minutes. Good night.

    以上就是今晚的 CBS 晚間新聞。CBS 帶給你全世界的新聞。我是 CBS 新聞的 Scott Pelley,我們周日在 60 分鐘節目中見,晚安。

We end tonight with a little boy with enormous power - the power to lift spirits.

我們用一個擁有巨大能量的男孩為今晚做結 — 他擁有鼓舞人心的能量。

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失去雙親的孩子,決定點燃世界的笑容 (After Losing Parents, 6-Year-Old Boy Seeks Smiles)

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