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  • Merry X-Mas everybody!


  • Tonight we've got a wonderful musical guest who's gonna to sing a special Christmas song for the kids.


  • And we've invited several local children from a local shelter to join her on stage.


  • And now let's give a big holiday welcome to Grammy winning singer song writer Tori McLachlan!

    所以請歡迎這位Grammy 得獎唱作人Tori McLachlan!

  • This song is called Merry Ex-Mas.

    這首歌的名字是Merry Ex-Mas...

  • Ho ho ho ho ho ho.

    Ho ho ho ho ho ho.

  • Fa la la la.

    Fa la la la.

  • Every year during the season of cheer,


  • I'm crushed and drowned by the Yule tide.


  • On Christmas 2004 you walked out the door,


  • And thus began my obsession with suicide.


  • While other people bake cookies and ginger bread,


  • The only thing I want to put in my oven is my head.


  • To cover up my noose marks I wear turtle necks.


  • And it's all because of you, my Ex.

    而引發這一切就是你, 我的前度

  • Merry Ex-Mas, you shattered my jingle bells.

    Merry Ex-Mas, 你粉碎了我的聖誕鈴聲(註2)

  • Merry Ex-Mas, also known as the twelve days of hell.

    Merry Ex-Mas, 也叫作12日地獄遊

  • Merry Ex-Mas, you've burnt me like a Yule log.

    Merry Ex-Mas, 我就像聖誕樹幹蛋糕 (註3) 地被你燒了

  • Merry Ex-Mas, you took a leak in my egg nog.

    Merry Ex-Mas, 你把蛋酒從我這裡拿走了

  • Merry Ex-Mas. Ho ho ho ho ho ho.

    快樂的"前度節"... Ho ho ho ho ho ho.

  • I won a Grammy. Fa la la la.

    我得了Grammy獎. Fa la la la.

  • Carolers come, their songs leave me so numb,


  • I sit nude, in the corner just rocking.


  • And my stomach aches from eating seven fruit cakes, Still I feel empty as a poor child's stocking.

    就算我吃蛋糕吃到胃痛了 仍然空虛得像窮孩子的聖誕襪一樣...

  • My white Christmas is black and my eyes are blood red.

    我的白色聖誕是黑色的, 而我的雙眼已經變得血紅

  • I pray to angels except angels are just people who are dead.


  • My Santa Claus hat feels like a thorny crown, Cause menopause is coming to town.

    我的聖誕帽就像基督所載的棘冠一樣 因為更年期來了...

  • Merry Ex-Mas, you've crushed my crush and my soul.

    Merry Ex-Mas, 你粉碎了我的靈魂

  • Merry Ex-Mas, my heart is as black as a lump of coal.

    Merry Ex-Mas, 我的心就像煤炭一樣的黑

  • Merry Ex-Mas, you've left me so lonely and pissed.

    Merry Ex-Mas, 你離開後我既孤單又忿怒(註4)

  • Merry Ex-Mas, your death is at the top of my wish list.

    Merry Ex-Mas, 在聖誕願望中我最最最希望的是你去死

  • Merry Ex-Mas, ho ho ho ho ho...

    快樂的"前度節", ho ho ho ho ho...

  • Thank you very much. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

    多謝. 多謝. 聖誕快樂...

Merry X-Mas everybody!



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[瘋電視]快樂的"前度節" Nicole Parker - Merry EX-mas ([瘋電視]快樂的"前度節" Nicole Parker - Merry EX-mas)

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