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  • Hey guys, this is Heather from Today, I’m going to tell you about vitamin

  • D deficiency symptoms, which are important because it turns out the most of us are actually

  • deficient in this vitamin. I don’t usually like to focus on individual vitamins, I don’t

  • like to micromanage - I like to work with whole foods and being healthy with variety-balance

  • and that kind of stuff.

  • If you want to learn more about whole foods and nutrition, head over to

  • I set up a series of free lessons you can sign up for there.

  • But in terms of vitamin D, what I like to do is focus on making sure that we have a

  • base line of certain nutrients, vitamin D being one of them. Once you have this base

  • line you can then focus youre energy on bigger picture-stuff.

  • Vitamin D is super important and like I said, it turns out most of us are deficient not

  • just vegan, not just vegetarians, meat eaters as well. There was a study found that about

  • sixty percent of us across the board whether we eat no meat, some meat, some dairy, no

  • dairy, whatever - about sixty percent of us are deficient in vitamin D.

  • The trouble is that they found the diet across the board only made up about half of the recommended

  • intake for vitamin D which is 400 IU. People are even starting to recommend much higher

  • than that - health expert and professional are going up even 2000 IU a day.

  • There’s a huge gap their and a huge potential for deficiency. So, I wanted to tell you about

  • those symptoms and the mostly relate to bone muscle health, because vitamin D is important

  • for the absorption of calcium and makes a parallel structure to you bones.

  • If you have spine pain, in your ribs, in your legs as well that kind of a bone ache that

  • can be a symptom of D deficiency. For muscles if youre getting spasm, cramps, you feel

  • muscle weakness that’s unusual for you and that can be a symptom.

  • Vitamin D also helps the regulations of youre sleep patterns, so insomnia can be a sign

  • and it plays a role in the health of your eyes. So, if suddenly you find youre self

  • near-sighted that can be another symptom.

  • It’s kind of a miss-mash, you don’t want to become a hypochondriac and sayoh my

  • God, I don’t sleep last night, I might be deficient in vitamin D. You very well could

  • be, but it also could be a sign of something else. So, the only ways to know for sure is

  • to get your blood tested for vitamin D level and you can do that to youre doctor.

  • With all of this, I think it’s very important that although I do like whole foods for most

  • of our nutrition to get that base line you probably need to take a supplement of vitamin

  • D. I’ve recommendation on my website if you head over to,

  • you can find a recommendation for vitamin D.

  • On my blog as well, I post some symptoms of vitamin D toxicity because that’s one problem,

  • is that vitamin D doesn’t get flush from your system very easily, so you can’t actually

  • take too much. So, be on the look out for those as well and you can check that on my

  • blog.

  • For what I want to know from you today and get your feedback, is How you have found your

  • vitamin D levels if you seen any of these symptoms, if you had your blood tested, if

  • you know someone else who is deficient or was deficient.

  • I’d love to hear youre stories and so let me know what you think and I hope you

  • enjoy the rest of your day.

Hey guys, this is Heather from Today, I’m going to tell you about vitamin


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缺乏維生素D--你有這些症狀嗎? (Vitamin D Deficiency - Do You Have These Symptoms?)

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