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  • Ray. Ray.

  • I'm only trying to take a nap.

  • I'm only laying here with my eyes closed...

  • trying to get some goddam sleep.

  • Quiet, quiet, quiet. I wouldn't wake you if it wasn't important.

  • - I think we flushed 'em out. - Okay.

  • The Klopeks.

  • - Rumsfield and I, we flushed 'em out. - How?

  • We wrote a note. We slipped it under their door.

  • - We rang the bell, and then we ran. - You did that?

  • - Yeah. - Oh, geez! Stupid idi...

  • I can't believe you...

  • All I did was write, "I know what you've done."

  • - I didn't sign it or anything. - Oh, I can't... You stupid...

  • - Why didn't you... God! - You gotta goose these people.

  • You gotta give them a little shot, let 'em know that you're there.

  • Good dog, Vince. Go get it.

  • Here's the thing, Art. They're gonna think I did it.

  • - Why? - The old guy saw me write a note...

  • and put it under Walter's door.

  • So they're gonna think that I did it!

  • You wrote a note and put it under the... I didn't know that.

  • It doesn't matter 'cause we got 'em on the run now.

  • Now they know that we know that they know that we know!

  • Yes, it does matter! You did it, but they're gonna suspect me!

  • They're not gonna suspect anybody. They're...

  • - Do you know what this is? - It's a bone.

  • - It's a femur. - It's a femur bone.

  • A femur just happens to be a human thigh bone, Ray.

  • - Wait, how do you know that? - Biology 101.

  • Look at the size of this thing.

  • Think this came off a chicken or something?

  • Where the hell did Vince get this?

  • He dug it up from underneath the fence.

  • Ray. Ray, there's no doubt any more.

  • This is real. Your neighbours are murdering people.

  • They're chopping 'em up. They're burying 'em in their backyard.

  • Ray, this is Walter.

  • No!

Ray. Ray.


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The 'burbs (6/10) Movie CLIP - The Femur (1989) HD (The 'burbs (6/10) Movie CLIP - The Femur (1989) HD)

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