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  • Ray. Ray!

  • Ray, come here.

  • What is it?

  • It's my neighbour.

  • Hey, one of the Huns came out of the cave.

  • Why don't you go say hi?

  • Well, yeah, I guess I could.

  • This would be the perfect time.

  • If you go talk to him, we could see what he's like. Go.

  • You could say hi to him too.

  • - But he's your neighbour. - No, he's your neighbour as well.

  • But you share a property line with him.

  • We're all on the same block, so you could go too.

  • We're all in the same town, but you're next to him.

  • If he was gonna borrow anything, he'd come over to your place.

  • Well, he's busy now.

  • He's not busy. Now he's goin' in. Go now because if...

  • He's going back in. If you were gonna say hi, you should probably...

  • He's going into the house. You're gonna lose him.

  • He's gonna go in...

  • - Now you've blown it, haven't you? - No, I didn't blow it.

  • - Chicken. Chicken. - He went into his house.

  • I'm not chicken because he went into his house.

  • You look like a chicken in front of your son and everything. Your son.

  • Come on.

Ray. Ray!


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The 'burbs (1/10) Movie CLIP - What Is It?(1989) HD (The 'burbs (1/10) Movie CLIP - What Is It? (1989) HD)

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