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Ok, so our first pose for today is the 'slim and streamlined' pose.
What happens is, if you stand face-on to the camera,
the camera's going to show your complete width.
What we actually want to do, is always turn side-on.
That tricks the camera, and it tricks the viewer
into thinking our frame is slighter than what it actually is;
and it highlights curves really beautifully as well.
And, you always make sure you have your arms bent,
as this creates a nicer shape for the photograph.
You don't want it pressed at your side,
because then you start to create quite a flabby arm;
and what we do want to do, is put the weight on one foot,
and then, you make the other foot more of a decoration,
so you delicately place your front foot towards the camera,
but your weight is on the back foot.
So, finally, stand to the side, move your arm away from the body,
put the weight on one foot, and smile and relax your face and enjoy your photo.
So, Pose Two is the 'Frame-It' pose:
what we actually want to do, is use our hands, as a showcase to our best asset.
A lot of people use their hands to cover themselves;
where they're insecure, they might put a hand across a tummy,
or covering their mouth.
What we actually want to do, is frame our best asset,
so that peoples' eyes go there as well, when they're viewing the photograph.
Okay, so the next pose is what I like to call 'Your Nose Is A Magnet'.
Many people, when they sit for one of my photos,
they tend to move their head up in a fashion look;
and that really just shows their nostrils,
or one might move the head to the side,
but that brings out all the neck wrinkles.
What I would like for people to do; is imagine that your nose is a magnet,
and it just loves to draw itself towards the camera lens.
So, what we essentially do, is bring our face towards the photographer,
and it draws towards the lens, and all our features just pop into place,
and that's the perfect way to get a good photo.
The fourth pose for today is called 'Stitching'.
So, let's say you like my 'Frame-It' pose,
or my 'Slim and Streamlined' pose,
what we do is you hold one pose with one slight variation;
it might be a different change of the hip,
shift of the weight,
it might be a different way that you play with your hair;
and I like to get two different emotions;
so the first pose might be hand on one hip with a smile;
the next pose might be hand on another hip with a more serious, quite cold look.
And what happens is, you reset your face;
because if you hold a pose for too long, you start looking fake.
And then you just go between the two poses, really slowly,
and capture a lot of different looks.
And the last pose for today is posing with others.
The first rule is: close the gaps.
What might look like a nice picnic rug gathering
will create large gaps in the finished photo, so you have to squish in.
If you are close to one another, link arms,
and place a hand on each others' shoulders.
The second rule is: eradicate the blinks.
When you have a group shot the main reason some of them get deleted
is because someone's blinking.
Once you've captured that really cute group shot,
have a laugh with each other, or your family, have a joke,
take some candid photos of them interacting,
because they would be nice as well.



拍照小心機!拍照小訣竅讓你超上相! (How to look good in photos and be photogenic.)

27676 分類 收藏
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