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What's up?
All right, welcome everyone.
Let's get ready.
This is GTA V, my friends.
I'm actually mad excited for this.
Thank you, music.
You have played your part and you've been awesome.
So welcome, my friends.
Today, we're gonna play some GTA V.
We are going to be playing online and we're gonna be live streaming.
I've only done this once as a live stream and it was a load of fun and
it was the day that next-gen GTA V came out.
So, first things first.
I don't think there's anyone in my world.
So if you want to come and join the gamer tag is covered.
Hold on one second.
If you want to join this gamer tag xxAliA-xx-Alia-xx.
If that makes any sense.
Then you can join my lobby and be a part of the live stream.
Should be a load of fun.
But since I've last played GTA5 online, I've actually put a lot of time into it.
And I've bought myself a brand new car.
I bought myself my own apartment.
I spent a million dollars on stuff, all right.
Now just beneath me you can see my Twitter handle.
If you mention me on Twitter during this live stream I will be looking at
my mentions.
I'll also be looking at the YouTube comments, so
keep them coming in my friends and it should be an absolutely epic live stream.
If' you have any suggestions.
Hey, I've already got somebody in the lobby.
What is up, my friend.
Before we get into playing with anyone in the lobby I want to show you my car first.
I guess it would be the best thing to do.
If I remember correctly it's quite a sick car.
So, contacts.
Here we go.
I just about remember how to do this.
I believe it is.
Yeah. It should be a lot of fun.
Keep your Tweets coming in.
Keep your comments coming in.
It should be a lot of fun.
I want my car mate.
Please bring me my car.
That guy's horn is going to really annoy me.
Here we go.
Oh there we go.
You can cause to make your claim.
Oh gosh dammit, it's freaking blown up boys.
Trust, trust, trust the last lobby I was in for my car to be exploded.
It's a good one though, trust me.
It's gonna be worth the wait.
We're gonna check out my apartment.
And then we're gonna mess around a bit with anyone that's in the lobby.
No charge. It's, someone's paid the full premium.
Hey thank you Cozzar wherever you.
Wait, what?
Can be found.
Okay, okay, okay.
Cool, cool, cool, cool.
My car is being redeemed.
Dude, this is a pretty sick car here.
I mean, it's not my car, but it's a pretty sick car.
Okay. We're gonna make one more phone call.
No! We're gonna made one more phone call.
[LAUGH] I'm sorry about all the phone calls.
And then we'll get the car here.
The mechanic should be out to deliver it directly to me right now.
I'm gonna move out of the way actually.
I'm sorry. I'm stopping traffic.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
And it should be out to deliver it somewhere nearby, so.
Here we go.
I believe it's a [INAUDIBLE].
Okay, sweet.
So, the car should be.
Bro, come on.
Where's my car, man?
I've just bought it!
Where's my car?
It's got to be nearby.
Is that it?
No, mate, that ain't.
That's a freaking store, boys.
I wanna show you guys my car.
There we go!
It's here. It's here.
It's here. It's here.
It's here.
What the?
Bro, what the heck just happened?
You all right, buddy?
Think he just got taken out.
Here is the beauty.
Look at her. Look at her!
It's amazing!
It's abso-, rate.
What do you. Rate it out of eight, mate.
All right? What do you rate it out of eight.
Leave a comment.
Drop me a tweet.
I'm in love, like, honestly, I am in love with my car right now.
Do we got to go around the other side.
No, no, no.
Dude, I don't want a pathetic car.
I'm sorry, look I'm really sorry.
My character's out of control.
He does not realize that I actually want this car.
Here we go.
We've got our car boys.
We've got our car boys.
Look at that.
Look at that.
Is this it?
Keep your comments.
Oh yeah come join me brother.
Come and join me.
Look at this thing.
It's the nicest car I've ever owned in GTA.
And I've spent a load of money.
I had a million dollars.
How did I have a million dollars, right?
You're probably asking how did I have a million dollars to spend?
The first half a million dollars I had safe in my account when there
were glitches two years ago on GTA online.
They just gave everyone half million dollars.
The second half million dollars, I got for
pre-ordering GTA V on the, I think the Playstation Store.
That's how I got it.
Oh gosh, don't go.
My god.
[SOUND] Oh my gosh.
This thing's, this thing's actually a thing of beauty.
I'm sure you guys have maybe, you guys are liking the car.
You guys are liking the car.
I like that. I can never remember how to find my house.
It's not.
I should not have gum I apologize.
I apologize it's a bad habit.
This I think is my house.
Yes boys look at that.
It's just around the corner, we've actually gone the wrong way.
Look. I love the white trims on the wheels.
[MUSIC] Like I think the white trim honestly makes
it like really, really sick.
Yeah guys, honestly I don't do very many live streams.
>> All in, all in, you could do all in.
Oh my gosh.
>> Okay, there's someone in the microphone.
What is up, my friend?
What is up?
I have no idea, I should probably turn the radio off, actually.
How do I turn the radio off?
No, don't shoot, don't shoot.
Cuz the radio can actually get copyrighted.
The radio is so annoying, man.
This radio is really annoying.
[CROSSTALK] Hello friends.
Is people online or is it people.
Here we go.
Players. Here we go.
Brother I appreciate the support you are awesome, but for
the sake of the live stream we can't have someone else talking in the microphone
just because it gets a bit messy.
Just because it gets a little bit messy, and we don't want that my friends.
Now I don't do many live streams here on this main channel, on Ali-A,
just because a lot of it's just like, Call of Duty, quick games, information and
stuff, but if you guys go on to enjoy the video,
all of your support in the live stream is really really appreciated my friends.
Really really appreciated.
And who knows?
If this live stream goes down as well as the last one did,
we should definitely do another one.
Now, I'm 99% sure I've got special entrance to my apartment.
Where is it?
I'm sure it's like come on buddy.
Show me that special entrance.
I need to park my beauty.
Where is it? Oh, here's it.
Is it here?
Wait, what?
No, this is it, this is it, this is it here.
I think this is it.
Yes, boys.
Look. It's mine.
Honestly, I wanna say this is one of the better apartments in the game.
But I don't know if it's the best.
I think it's good.
Hold left on the d-pad.
Thank you my friend.
Thank you. Don't want
to get the video copyrighted for random music that's in the game.
Fortunately, I only have two cars.
I have the car that I got right at the beginning of playing GTA5 Online like two
years ago, and then, my blue Zentrona thingamabobby, which is absolutely sweet.
I absolutely love it, I'm not gonna lie.
Okay, so, do we have to like, look, can we?
Can we get out of the car please?
Why are we stuck?
You should go to the mechanic.
Yeah, okay.
When you store a vehicle in the garage you can then,
it becomes your personal vehicle.
Okay I'm down for storing some.
So all I've got to do is drive a car into my garage and then it's mine.
Now this is interesting.
To leave the garage we'll head to the exit.
So let me show you around the apartment boys.
Where's the door?
I think it's up here.
I think it's up here.
Let's go.
Another player's using the elevator.
What the heck?
[SOUND] How did you get into, how did you get into my, how did you?
Don't steal my car.
Don't steal my car.
I don't think I have protection on the car.
I think anyone can get in it and steal it.
[LAUGH] So yeah, this is,
I think it's the first time I've ever been in my apartment actually.
It's given me a load of information, so maybe it is.
How long are we gonna be live streaming for?
I'm not sure.
Not sure, my friend.
I gotta be up early tomorrow, but I'm still live streaming for you guys.
You're spawned in your apartment when you join online.
Didn't happen today, unfortunately, but hey, I like it.
What the?
Why is there someone coming into my?
Hey, boys, look at me.
I'm suit to the booted.
Imagine having this apartment IRL, in real life.
Look how sick this is.
Beautiful views.
Actually, no.
Maybe not the best.
Yeah, yeah, yeah actually can we see the Hollywood sign from here?
No, maybe not.
No, we can't. Actually,
we can see the obser, observatory from here.
I've been there. I've been there.
It's the top, top left of the screen.
I believe that's the observatory.
Not sure its full name.
I have been there IRL in Los Angeles.
Very, very nice.
This guy is being nice, not ripping my house down.
We got some beautiful flowers.
Didn't, didn't order them, but we got them.
I love the big windows not gonna lie.
I rate the big windows.
Look at that.
Look at that.
That is sweet.
Weird thing is, I actually stayed in a hotel was almost in this identical
position in L.A., which is really, really freaky.
We got a telescope.
We got lots of fun things.
Let's, I don't honestly think there's many people in our world.
Maybe hm, how can I?
If you, if you join XX alley-AXX on PSN,
on PlayStation 4, you'll be able to join me.
I've already got 50,000, so let me take a quick look for a second.
I wanna see what I must've, what I must've bought.
So, setting, no, internet.
Here go internet, so, obviously, obviously, travel.
I bought a luxury motor.
Let's have a look at which one I bought.
So, I bought, holy cow, did I spend 725,000 on it?
I went no chill mode, boys.
I went no chill mode.
The only other cars that are faster than it.
You got the Z type, which is more.
You got the Stinger which is more.
Honestly I love, I just love the look of mine.
You've got the Adder of course, this sort of Bugatti looking car.
I just love the look of my car.
And then in terms of, is it health?
I can never remember.
Money and services I think it is.
Prime property.
There we go.
I'm honestly not sure which one I bought.
Oh, dudes, did I buy that one?
No, I don't think I did.
I don't think I actually spent that much money on a house, to be honest,
but, that's a load of rubbish.
We've, we've talked long enough about that.
I've only got 50,000 left.
Oh, what's on TV?
This is a beautiful T, actually, look, the graphics are pretty damn sick.
Like, you could legit sit down and watch that, the graphic's are so good.
All right, we go in the bedrooms.
Can't have a house with no bedrooms.
What the heck?
Got some nice food.
Honestly I'm quite, oh wait, drink?
Oh gosh, it's gonna make me drunk, isn't it?
Should I do this?
Don't drink and drive kids.
You know,I'm thirsty, all right?
I'm thirsty. Look come join me game in gong.
Come have a drink with me my friend, come and have a drink with me.
It's all good in the hood.
So yeah, the reason I haven't actually done any console livestreams in awhile,
he's liking it, he's liking it.
Is because livestreaming console's actually normally pretty tricky, but
I finally got it set up so that it works which is amazing.
So we've got a downstairs.
Some more pretty paintings.
I'm sure you guys have seen this similar apartment before, to be honest.
Someone has entered the apartment, beautiful.
Aw, is it just one room?
Nice double bed, to be fair, really nice double bed.
What's in here?
Oh [LAUGH] it's the toilet.
I didn't want to go to the toilet.
They've got a changing room in here, I believe you can actually change in here.
But honestly, I'm, I'm liking the suit, guys.
I am actually liking the suit.
Let's see if anybody else has joined our lobby map.
Dunno, maybe. You guys can feel free to join.
Feel free to join.
The more people the merrier, my friends.
The more people my merrier.
My mer.
Dude, am I drunk right now?
No. We'll head outside, boys.
We'll head outside.
We'll pick up our car again.
Hell she cost like 7000 insurance.
Luckily, we didn't have to claim for it because we didn't kill the car.
It was some other dude that they listed when I last played online.
Gun game yes, I won't, I won't try gun game to advance warfare.
Not sure why they have them.
Hopefully they add it in a future patch.
That would be amazing my friend.
That would be absolutely awesome.
Shout out to everyone watching at Mate Wide.
So I actually do a lot of live streaming on my second channel for Minecraft.
And what I sometimes do is do a, do a shout out session,
where I bring up my mentions on Twitter and everyone that's mentioning my for
about five minutes will be included in the video.
So if you guys are interested in that, let me know and I may do that, my friends.
I may do that.
How many people have we got watching right now?
3000 people.
Awesome. Come and join the fun my friends.
Come and join the fun.
You know, we're, we're, we're chilling here.
We're chilling.
And look at the beautiful car man.
Look at the beautiful car.
So pretty.
It's absolutely amazing.
No honestly I love it like.
I forgot how much I love it.
I did once have blue zen on lights.
But haven't unlocked them unfortunately.
Haven't unlocked them unfortunately.
But now we're here to roll around baby.
All right.
This dude knows what's up.
He knows he needs to come and join.
Is anybody else in the lobby?
Oh, we've got, we've got people in the lobby.
We've got people in the lobby.
Welcome friends.
Okay, how do I turn the.
Right. Here we go.
Here we go.
You going to get in the car?
Oh, is it locked?
Okay, I think I may have locked it, buddy, hold on, hold on.
Oh I think there's an option joint celebration, it's, it's, it's an option.
How do I turn off the options so that people can get in my car, guys?
Game mode.
Player normal.
Player mode allow spectators.
Kill yourself.
Not what I actually, I'm actually all right.
It may be under settings you know.
Here we go, hold on.
I can never. You know what,
one of you guys treat me now work out how it is we'll go and do it.
We'll, we'll set up some races and people, dude he's got Adder, bro,
he's got an Adder.
Can you get in my car?
It's locked, buddy.
Look, get in this dude's Adder.
Honestly I rate this dude's Adder.
Pretty dope, pretty dope my friend.
Just don't kill me and we'll be fine.
Just don't kill me.
Nope. Oh gosh.
Oh gosh.
Get out of here.
He's a mad man.
He's a mad man.
He's a man eater.
He kills people.
Don't trust him bro.
Don't p, trust him.
Wha, what?
Hold the touch pad.
Oh, yes you're right.
It's a really weird thing isn't it?
Here we go.
Such a weird way of doing it.
I think you have to scroll down.
Action, Player Mode, here we go.
Oh yeah, Vehicle Access, everyone.
He should be able to get in my car, Such a weird way of accessing the options.
All right, you know what?
Let's go to the observatory because you know what?
I did say I'd be in there IRL, and I wasn't lying.
So I think it'd be quite a cool place to get to.
I don't know if we can get into it.
But if you're in lobby right now, you, oh, we do have blue lights.
Yeah, we do have blue zen lights.
Let's go boys.
If you're in the live stream right now and you're in the game for
whatever reason, feel free to head towards the may, I should set a waypoint.
Maybe that would be easier.
Where is it?
I can't see it right now.
I'm sure it's behind this hotel.
Sure it's behind this hotel.
I haven't done any heists or jobs ever on GTA.
On, oh.
No, he damaged my car.
I said, uh-oh.
Wait brah, is he coming for me?
It's come, no he's not going for me dudes.
We're fine, we're fine, we're fine baby.
There it is, there it is.
Wanna see the views you get from it?
Is like actually insane.
I think I posted some pictures.
It's almost a year ago actually I went there, for Call of Duty Champs 2014.
And hopefully going to 2015.
Yes. For some weird reason,
we found this while doing live streams on YouTube, not my fault.
If you are on certain mobile devices,
it won't let you comment on live stream, not my fault.
And these roads, in real life, are actually really, really windy.
Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
Turn that off.
Here we go.
The roads are actually really windy.
Like people that live on this, sort of, hilly, rocky area, amazing houses but
driving up here, not fun, man, not fun at all.
Let's see if we can get to the observatory, boys.
See if we can get to the observatory.
Oh, the sun's going down.
You guys know I hate night time in GTA.
All right.
Here we go.
Baytree Canyon?
Yep. Dude this guy has a sort of like,
classic BMW-like car.
Oh gosh.
Nah, I love that, mate.
I love it when the other players get the cops on me.
That's the observatory.
I spat everywhere, sick one.
Sick one, buddy.
Can you do an ASM1 class setup video?
I haven't done a best class setup video in awhile.
I could've done one today but I thought live streaming would be more fun for,
why have I got two stars?
Dude, I haven't touched anyone bro.
I haven't touched anyone, man.
We may have to climb up this mountain, you know.
I don't know of an easy way of getting up it.
We may have to climb up the mountain, boys.
Oh there's this, there's the Hollywood sign.
Oh no here we go.
What was. We found it.
We found it. We found it.
We're out of here. We're out of here.
Finding routes.
Finding routes.
With police cops on us and stuff.
Yeah it's so
crazy my brother was out playing Advanced Warfare with his friend,with his friend.
They opened up one supply crate.
One supply crate.
And they get the AK Rift.
And I was like no due, nah, you crazy?
You serious, bro?
Does this lead straight to it?
I think we're higher up than we were before.
There it is.
It's the observatory.
Now, how do we get in?
It's almost exactly, hey we've got another player.
What up, what up fella?
All right I'm gonna take the route,
the exact route that I took when I was in the observatory.
So I got out my car, actually, it was a taxi.
Got out my taxi, I was like, hey, well, let's grab a look at the views.
I was gonna do a vlog but there's a lot of people around.
And I was like, nah, dude, this is almost exactly the same.
Nah, dude, there's some guy looking through here.
Look, you can look through the telescope.
Brah, brah, this is weird.
[LAUGH] I wanna do this again next time new, I'm in LA actually.
And you can pretty much see that, you can pretty much see that.
The beach is over there, of course.
This is exactly, which is weird,
like I never really fully appreciated how similar this game was to LA.
Like oh no, we're being shot up boys.
There's a massacre already.
There's a massacre already.
We can loop around though don't worry.
We can loop around don't worry.
If we go this way.
If we go this way, I hope.
We can loop back around boys.
Yeah, I do drive pretty fast IRL.
But not dangerously of course, I wouldn't do that too.
Oh gosh, the police are on us.
Out the way, woman.
We don't even care about you.
We don't even care about you.
Oh boys. Look how many cars we've got here.
>> Give up now!
>> Oh my gosh. Dude there's a massacre going down
right now.
Where is everyone at?
Should I just peace the scene?
I'm peacing the scene boys.
I'm peacing the scene.
Everyone's getting caught up and I'm like no mate.
I'm out.
See you later. Have fun with the police.
Oh gosh we're in.
Okay. I think we should go to
the Hollywood sign.
I've been to the Hollywood sign like three times I think.
That's, oh gosh that's going to hurt.
That's gonna hurt in the morning, son.
Oh my gosh, it's over there.
Oh gosh.
This is not great, this is not good driving skills.
No, it's fine.
We've got this, we've got this, we've got this, boys.
We've got this.
I just don't want to destroy my car because I want to,
actually drive it to be honest.
I actually want to drive it around.
I don't want to pay like another six grand in insurance.
The Hollywood sign's over in this direction so
it's gonna go over here, boys.
It's just gonna go over here.
Go for it.
In a bit we'll start killing people, all right?
In a bit. But I don't wanna do that quite yet
because that would, that would start chaoticness in the server and
you typically don't want to go too crazy when you're doing livestreams
because then everybody just loses their mind.
Oh god.
Oh buddy, can I make it up here?
Oh dude, this, the blue Xenon.
Car thief.
It has no, chill bro.
Literally, it's just such, oh gosh.
Look at that.
Look at that, baby.
Let me know which car you've got and, what color it is.
I think green cars typically work quite well in GTA.
Blue is my favorite that's why I went for it.
I thought it looked pretty dope.
There's the sign, right there.
It's the sign.
Let me know is there anything else you want to see me try and
do in GTA and I'll definitely try and do it.
I honestly think.
Oh actually this definitely looks like a definitely dry, wow bro.
Don't disrespect the car.
Do not disrespect the car.
Yes boy we can drive up here my friend.
We can drive up here.
I'm now, I, it's nicer streaming on YouTube,
cuz then the video goes straight out to you guys.
Oh, gosh.
Without me having to do anything about it, so, it's actually pretty dope.
Look at this.
Look at that for a view over Los Santos, what you could essentially call L.A..
All those big buildings, actually.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
Okay, so I'm not gonna shoot you, buddy.
I'm not gonna shoot you, buddy.
Don't worry.
So, what all of the buildings look like over there.
I've been to, like, a few of the big hotels.
Pretty crazy.
And then I believe that's sort of, like, what do they call it?
Maybe Westside?
West LA or something?
Or Downtown LA maybe?
Don't know, but that's where my apartment is in, in the game,
not in real life of course.
Over there.
I will try and do some stunts, that could be a good show.
I don't like night time.
He goes let's have a selfie, let's have a selfie, let's have a selfie brother.
You and me, selfie together.
I think he's taking a selfie.
That awkward moment when he's not taking a selfie, he's just on his phone.
I'm like, do you want a selfie?
So Vinewood, you, let's go to the top, bro.
Let's sneak all the way to the top.
I don't think you're supposed to be able to get up to the top though.
All right, oh, my stamina's gone up, that's good.
I forgot your coasts and stats in GT.
That's pretty high actually.
Have we checked the stats lets see.
Stats, here we go.
Overall income.
Overall expenses.
That doesn't make any sense, my car costs more than that.
Look at my stats.
Absolutely shocking.
All right so. Here we go.
Here we go. Starting the engine.
We're going to try and go all the way to the top.
There's a building up here, I believe.
Oh, gosh.
I don't know if it's gonna let me do it, but we'll give it a go.
Give it a go, buddy.
Do some races.
Yeah, we should actually do some races.
Really good shout.
The only thing is, [LAUGH], the only thing is,
sometimes it takes a while for the races to load.
And I did it before, when I tried to do races in the live stream.
Wow, sorry buddy.
Didn't mean to damage your car like that.
Oh, is this a race.
Dude, yeah, let's do this.
Let's do this. Let's see if we can get people
into this race.
Jobs can only be triggered on foot.
Alright, if enough people join us, we can do this.
I'm down for it.
Bro, he's in my car.
Dew, dew, dew.
Dude, I can't have this song playing in the video.
This is a 100% copyright.
Oh my gosh.
Where's, oh, right here.
Want it my way.
All right. Turn it off.
Turn it off. Don't get carried away.
We can't have that.
All right. We're gonna try and
get people into the lobby.
Point to point.
All right.
Classes, cycle, all right.
Current time and date.
No, no. Let's have it noon.
Weather fine.
Traffic on.
Split times world record.
All right, buddy, all right we'll, we'll do that.
Yes boys, 356.
How much do you have to play online to be that level?
That's crazy. Now as I've said,
it will take a little bit of time if we want to get enough people into the lobby
to play this.
But if we get enough people in we can do it and then once we've done it,
confirm settings.
Hold on.
And then once we do it, in case we need, maybe we have to do it straight away.
Hey this is dope.
We'll mess around, I've got some cool things.
We can try and break into the army place.
It has some throwbacks on.
Bo. I'm not even gonna sing,
not even gonna sing.
Should we just do four?
Let's do four.
Let's just do four.
Will it let us work?
Players, nope.
Players four, one to eight.
Launching session.
I think this is like one of the very first races I've ever done.
It's a blue obviously, vehicle.
Oh gosh, I think the BMX is really hard.
I think this is the best one.
Oh look, they've all got stats haven't they?
Yeah, I'm gonna go with this one.
Let's do it boys.
First ever race.
What do ya, what, how do you think I do?
Wait, I don't know.
Do I press x to go?
Or do I press the accelerate button as if I'm in a car?
I, I look so out of place dude.
I've got a helmet on with a suit and I'm on a bike.
What do I do?
I'm holding down.
I think you press x.
I think you press x.
Yes boys, let's go.
Dude, this is one of my very first BMX bike races ever on GTA.
Oh no, their bike's faster than mine.
I should have gone with a speed bike dude.
I got, I got trolled, bro.
I was just waiting for like, say, though.
This is, this is it, isn't it?
This is like a sorta balancing act.
I forgot, I forgot about this.
Dude, it's been a while since I've done some of these.
Oh, let's turn.
Notice this background music is all good, baby, yeah.
I ain't a, it ain't a radio.
I should have gone with a speed bike, dude.
If I'd known the terrain,.
If I'd been informed of the terrain, I would've done that.
Now, I don't know how long this race is.
So this could be.
Oh look, that's the break button.
I thought it was the go button.
I'm an idiot, dude.
If I'd, if I knew how long this was gonna be.
Oh, dude we're quite far ahead actually.
Then I would let you know, but I don't know how long it is so
just wish me luck my friend.
Wish me luck.
How's the other dude, oh, because your characters have stats.
So maybe your in game GTA V stats actually affect your stamina for
things like this, like races.
Because my stamina right now is shocking.
And I shouldn't have pedaled so hard at the beginning.
It's cool, two out of four.
Two out of four is not too bad.
Two out of four is not too bad.
We crashed.
We, we broke back stand, which is not the best thing in the world.
But hey ho, hey ho we can get over it.
No dude, I'm not going to do any fancy tricks right.
I'm not going to do.
Oh buddy.
Not gonna do any fancy tricks.
Dude in fourth, don't know what you're doing buddy, but you need to catch up.
Oh baby.
Oh baby, let's see how far outside the dude is.
Pretty close.
He's got Xs in his name as well.
All right, my stamina, honestly,
I just need to build my stamina up, so I can get to a better point.
Nah, brah, I'm leaving you in my dust boys.
I'm leaving you in my dust boys.
This is sick.
Yeah, we should definitely do a car meet up.
[MUSIC] Everyone will be able to see my lobby,
where I am on the map.
So once we've done this race, we'll have like a, we'll have an actual car race.
Which should be like I think guys you can set up your own race.
It would be more of like a fun race.
Oh, don't you dare hit me off my bike, bro.
Don't you dare hit me off my bike, boys.
Hope the music levels are good.
I didn't ask, but I'm pretty sure I, I adjusted the music.
That was before I started.
Oh gosh this dude's are rubbish.
Get out of the way woman we're doing a race here.
I'm going to use my stamina.
Oh no, you can't use your stamina.
Okay you just start losing health.
No sick.
That dude in first I think he's the dude that's level 300.
Oh no, I'm lost.
It's because my character's a noob dude.
My character's a big noob.
His stats are terrible.
Flying car.
Did you guys, you guys just saw that?
Go back and watch that in the stream.
You should be able to go back in the stream, if you watch this on YouTube.
Someone print screen that flying car and tweet it to me.
[LAUGH] Someone print, print screen that to me dude.
Dude this is going to be sick.
Sick boys no,I love that boys.
That's actually epic.
Someone print screen the flying car.
I was going to actually do.
Hey, it let me go a second, that's nice.
I could actually do a car vlog today but it got dark really quickly.
[SOUND] You finished 2nd.
That's not bad, dude.
Yeah, my stamina is terrible, dude.
[LAUGH] Exo Zombies in just two days time.
Tuesday is when it's gonna be coming out, my friends.
But, all I'd say is to stay tuned to my channel.
Stay tuned to my channel.
You guys know how it is with content.
Often, things come out early.
[SOUND] Congratulations dude.
Not only does your character look pretty sick, but your stat, you,
you demolished us.
Let's be real, you demolished us.
I even got 3,000 for that race.
That's pretty damn hype.
All right, I like it, it was good fun.
And then we will exit.
Okay, no more, I'm quitting.
We're gonna quit.
But it's good fun.
It was good fun.
I'm, I'm glad you suggested that, guys.
Glad you suggested that.
That was awesome.
Now, I think we should do a car meetup with everyone that's in the lobby.
If you have watched do not worry.
It will be available straight away and you can just go back in time as well.
Shave off your hair or shave off your beard?
I'd shave off my beard.
Cuz your hair, cuz the beard will grow, grow back quite quickly, thank goodness.
So, unfortunately, there's a little bit of time here where we gotta wait for
the game to reload.
But, you know, I'm trying to keep you guys, you know, drop some tweets.
I'll answer questions.
I'm always here for you guys.
Do not worry.
Do not worry my friends.
I'm just going to grab here we go, this one here.
So do you guys enjoying the live stream, support is always really appreciated.
The last live stream that we did did amazingly well so thank you so much guys.
So where does it keep popping?
The time of live stream is midnight.
It's just gone midnight.
And actually do you know what I can do here?
I've got this set up.
Hold on. [SOUND] Oh, one more.
No, no, no, that's the right one.
Here we go.
So I can talk to you guys in big screen.
This is how I've set it up.
Look at this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
So yeah the dog is downstairs, Ella is downstairs.
It is midnight currently.
Oh dude, you guys are sending in pictures of flying cars.
Have a look.
[LAUGH] Look at it.
It just flew in the air, mate.
It is flew the air, bud.
Look at that.
I love that. That's crazy.
I'm gonna retweet one of the pictures.
I'm gonna retweet it because I'm nice dude.
I said I, I said I'd interact with you guys in the live stream.
Dude, it takes so long.
This is the problem with going in between races.
It takes a long tme, oh we're good, we're good, we're good.