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  • >> [Background Music] For more than 50 years scientists

  • and engineers at NASA's Johnson Space Center have pioneered

  • breakthroughs in medicine, computing, thermal materials,

  • and systems engineering.

  • NASA technologies are innovative solutions

  • that solve complex problems.

  • These patented core technologies are available

  • through a license agreement that can enable entrepreneurs

  • to create new products and new opportunities for business.

  • >> So this is Robo-Glove a robotic system

  • that was developed between NASA and General Motors a spinoff

  • of the Robonaut 2 technology that was built

  • into the Robonaut 2 hand and is powered based on actuation

  • and an external power supply.

  • The primary application that we were developing it for was

  • for the heavily repetitive tests, so the best one that came

  • to mind was assembly line work

  • where you're doing a task repetitively throughout the day

  • every 30 to 40 seconds at a time;

  • some of these tasks requiring both high levels of dexterity

  • and high levels of hand strength.

  • Robo-Glove is a separate entity it's kind

  • of independent of everything.

  • The one thing that is needed is battery power.

  • We currently have a modular battery that plugs

  • into a power case that would fit on the user's belt.

  • This can be, this single unit can power 2 gloves

  • for an 8-hour shift.

  • The inside of the Robo-Glove we have a set actuators,

  • there are 3 of them here which pull on synthetic tendons

  • that run through the glove out to the fingers.

  • We have a microcontroller, a set of sensors

  • within the fingertips, as well as back here

  • at the microcontroller allow the operator to tell the glove

  • when to close, how much to close by, and when to open back up.

  • Robo-Glove is currently setup to be just in flexure

  • so just pulls the hand in closure so any task

  • that is needing to be grasped or held for long periods of time,

  • somebody who is handling heavy equipment, moving things

  • around where they're picking objects up

  • and placing them somewhere any type of situation

  • where a normal human is working around the task is continued

  • through repetitive high hand strength then is the application

  • that works well.

  • >> The NASA-GM Robo-Glove is a patented technology available

  • for use through a license agreement with NASA.

  • Robo-Glove can benefit a wide range of applications and uses

  • that can be sold to a wide range of markets.

  • To find out more about Robo-Glove

  • and other technology license opportunities

  • visit ------------------------------e39841a608f6--

>> [Background Music] For more than 50 years scientists


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機器人手套和NASA技術許可機會 (Robo-Glove & NASA Technology Licensing Opportunities)

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