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  • All right, here's a test.

  • You see the nerdy-looking kid in the white shirt

  • playing against the four guys at once?

  • CHARLIE: Yeah.

  • Which one of the guys do you think is a strategic weapons expert

  • with the CIA?


  • That was a trick question, Charlie.

  • lt's the nerdy-looking kid in the white shirt.

  • All right, no reason this can't be fun, you know.

  • Mike! Yeah, just a second.

  • Need you now, Mike.

  • Keep playing.

  • Mike Vickers, this is Congressman Charles Wilson

  • of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

  • How are you, sir? Fine, thank you.

  • How old are you? l'll be 30 next week.

  • This is the CIA's weapons expert?

  • One of them. But he's the most senior.

  • GUS: Look... MAN: Mike!

  • Yeah, bishop to queen's knight 7.

  • See? He's playing without even looking at the board.

  • That's a useful skill

  • if Afghanistan's ever invaded by Boris Spassky.

  • Did my office not make it clear to Langley that l'm in no mood

  • to be fucked around with? Charlie...

  • You answer to me or you answer to Jim Baker. Which do you want?

  • All right, the guy's a fucking Green Beret, Charlie. He trained with the SEALs.

  • No one's trying to fuck with you! MAN: Mike?

  • Yeah, what was your move? Knight to queen's bishop 5.

  • All right, queen to king's rook 3.

  • Guy on the right, you don't want to trade queens with me.

  • Shit.

  • All right, l apologize.

  • Okay. Everybody friends?

  • As a former naval officer myself, Mike, l should've known better.

  • As a former naval officer, l'd have been surprised if you had.

  • Now, what the fuck? Hey.

  • He said he was sorry. Hey.

  • What can l do for you, sir?

  • All right, he wants to make a recommendation to his Subcommittee.

  • Now, the Swiss made Oerlikon S.T.A. antiaircraft cannon, that's what you'd use

  • to shoot down the Ml-24 Hind gunship in the mountains, right?

  • Well, the Oerlikon's a good start,

  • but the Russians will just start flying higher altitude missions.

  • So what else do they need?

  • Same thing you give us. AK-47s, AK-74s, AKMS.

  • The Soviets didn't come into Afghanistan on a Eurail Pass.

  • They came in T-55 tanks.

  • The fighters need RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launchers,

  • Katyusha 107mm rockets, wire mines, plastic mines, bicycle bombs, sniper rifles,

  • ammunition for all the above

  • and frequency-hopping radios and burst transmitters

  • so these guys aren't so fucking easy to find.

  • Well, l've written it all in a report you can read.

  • You'd be the first one who did.

  • Send a copy of it to me by secure courier right away.

  • l will. All right. All right.

All right, here's a test.


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查理-威爾遜的戰爭(6/9)電影剪輯--《穿白襯衫的呆子》(2007)HD (Charlie Wilson's War (6/9) Movie CLIP - The Nerdy Kid in the White Shirt (2007) HD)

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