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  • Hey, what's up guys, It's Keaton here, so we are currently in Australia with the brand new iPhone 6s and the 6s plus.

    哈囉,大家好。我是Keaton,我們正在澳洲,而且帶著最新的 iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s plus

  • We are going to drop test them.


  • Just to see how they fair as there are some new metal in this the 7000 series aluminum.


  • Which in theory should hold up better than last year's iPhone 6 and 6 plus dropped test.

    理論上應該要比去年的 iPhone 6 和 6 plus 更耐摔才對

  • So, let's going to find out!


  • So, we are going to be droping the new 6s and 6s plus from 3 different heights, like we always do.

    我們將讓 6s 和 6s plus 從三個不同高度掉下來,就像我們平常做的那樣

  • One from pocket level, one from head level, em... I and about 6'2, and then one from above the head.


  • Just to kinda get a good idea? Ah...uh... If you were to drop your phone from your pocket. How would it go?


  • So, first we are gonna to use the pocket height drop.


  • We are gonna put the 6s plus in my pocket here, and then this is the 6s. We are going to take them out and 3 2 1

    把 6s plus 放在這個口袋,然後這邊是 6s,我要把它們拿出來囉。3 2 1

  • So, this is the 6s plus here. We are going to check and see if there is any damage.

    好,這是 6s plus,我們來看看有沒有受到什麼損傷

  • Maybe there is like a scuff on the screen. Trying to clean it up here.


  • Look it around. Okay. So that's where the point of the impact was that took the most damage.


  • On the side, it's pretty good. Tops good, other sides good.


  • In the back, it's fine and the screen works,too.


  • So, this is the 6s here and it's landed on its back. Looking around to find some damage.

    而這邊則是 6s,它剛剛是背面先著地的。看看能不能找到什麼損傷

  • So, few markings right there, there


  • One right there. I am actually surprised about this because this would take a lot more damage, but it... I think it's holding pretty well.


  • and we can say that's because of the aluminum


  • Some markings there. Nothing really on the side. Okay, that was... that was definitely the point of impact right there.


  • That's the uh... deepest of them all. But overall the back looks good, the front looks good.


  • You are gonna be all fine!

    你(iPhone 6s)會沒事的!

  • So, the 6s and 6s plus handled pretty well in the pocket drop. You gonna be totally fine there in case of it does fall out of your pocket

    所以我們知道 6s 和 6s plus 都能抵抗從口袋高度掉落的衝擊。當你的手機從口袋掉出來的時候,別擔心,它會沒事的

  • So, now we are going to loose the 6s and 6s plus from your head in case of you are making a phone call and just slip.


  • So, dropping in 3 2 1.

    來囉,3 2 1

  • Picking up the 6s plus here.

    把這邊的 6s plus 撿起來看看吧

  • On the side, it is clean. On the back, I think we are good, maybe a little damage there.


  • This side is pretty good. Top is good. The back is good and


  • I am almost certain this was where the point of impact was, you see, the little chip there.


  • So, for the 6s, the screen is totally good and that's really what you care about.

    然後來看看 6s plus,螢幕完全沒有受傷,而這才是你真正關心的事

  • On the back, no scratches at all.


  • The side, a little bit more uh... a little bit more damage there.


  • The bottom, samo-samo. And that where the point of impact was. That's pretty deep, but overall guys, this is holding up really well.


  • So, so far the 6s and 6s plus hold up pretty well in the pocket and head level drop.

    到目前為止 6s 和 6s plus 都成功通過口袋和頭部高度掉落的考驗

  • So, now we are going to drop from above the head and dropping in 3 2 1.

    現在我們要把它們從頭頂以上的高度丟下來囉,3 2 1

  • Oh! That's bad.


  • So, the 6s landed face down and I am almost certain it's shattered.

    6s 是正面著地而我幾乎確定它的螢幕碎掉了

  • Oh! That is horrible. Look at that. That's nasty. Alright, the screen still works, the glass is popping up, so doubly be careful of there.


  • On the side, a little bit more damage, but overall I mean you can still use this phone and the screen replacement doesn't really cost that much


  • For the 6s plus here, you can definitely tell the 7000 series aluminum is making a difference.

    看看 6s plus,你完全可以看出新的材料的確造成了差異

  • So the phone lands on its face. It's almost gonna cracked the screen, that's the given.


  • But, the 7000 series aluminum holding up pretty well.


  • I mean, the dents are kind of intense, but they are not as bad as I thought.... Alright, not as bad as I think.


  • There we go. And um... The phone still works perfectly fine!


  • So, I wanna make you know, the 6s plus is noticeably heavier than my iPhone 6 plus and I will say it's a little bit more durable than this guy.

    我想說的是, 6s plus 明顯地比我的 6 plus 更重,而我認為 6s plus 比 6 plus 會更耐用一些

  • eh... Just because of the weight and when it drops out of your pocket to land a certain way.


  • But, I am pretty impressed with both phones!


  • So, normal TechSmart fashion we always do a 10 foot or so drop. So I am on the chair right now.

    根據 TechSmart 的傳統,我們總是要來個"10呎高的墜落",好了,我已經站在椅子上囉

  • We are gonna test out the 6s plus because the 6s just shattered.

    我們只會測試 6s plus,因為 6s 已經摔碎GG惹

  • So, this holds up from a face down 10 foot drop, then we are knowing something. Ready.


  • Dropping in 3 2 1

    3 2 1

  • Oh my god~


  • So, let's see how the 6s plus did.

    來看看 6s plus表現如何吧

  • Oh my god~


  • That was face down like... straight up guys. This was face down dropped from 10 feet.


  • Landed on its face, you guys saw it. And it's perfectly working fine.


  • A little bit damage I've seen on the side, but I am actually really surprised you know, like...


  • So, if you guys like me and you don't want a case on your brand new phone and I mean...... I've been doing that for a long time.


  • Really your only option is Apple Care, but this year it costs a minimum of $230 and for days on the budget, that's just doesn't work.

    說真的,你只能選擇 Apple Care 了,但是這需要每年支付230塊美金,對於捏著預算過日子的人來說根本不可能

  • So. I found another site that's called "Protect Your Bubble" and for only 6 bucks a month and then a $50 replacement fee.

    所以,我找到了另一個網站" Protect Your Bubble",每個月只需要6塊錢,而且更換螢幕也只需要50塊

  • It's the more affordable route and I mean...


  • I just can't be shelling out 230 bucks in a mort(gage). So, if you guys want to check it out, the link can be found in the description below.


  • And, I'll keep my phone, case for you.


  • So, yeah, that's pretty much for this video guys. If you enjoy it, it will be really sick if you could leave me a like. Alright, ready?


  • The 6s plus held up from a face-first drop in like 10 feet, which we are pretty certain it will shattered, but the 6s... didn't hold up, throughout.

    6s plus 能在幾乎肯定會摔碎的10呎高而且正面落下的衝擊中存活,可是 6s 嘛....... 它最終沒能撐過來

  • So, if you guys enjoy this video, it could be really sick if you could leave me a like. I traveled all the way in Australia with Matt from the US, a 19-hour flight, it was just really mean a lot.

    如果你喜歡這部影片,又可以給我們個讚,那真是太好了。我和 Matt 從美國飛了19個小時到澳洲來,這真的很有意義

Hey, what's up guys, It's Keaton here, so we are currently in Australia with the brand new iPhone 6s and the 6s plus.

哈囉,大家好。我是Keaton,我們正在澳洲,而且帶著最新的 iPhone 6s 和 iPhone 6s plus

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iPhone 6S Plus 真的比較耐摔?我們摔給你看!(iPhone 6S Plus Survives 10-foot Drop?!)

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