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  • What if...

  • the computer was a beautiful object?

  • Something you wanna look at and have in your home?

  • And what if...

  • instead of it being in the "right" hands

  • it was in everyone's hands?

  • We'd be talking about the most tectonic shift in the status quo since -

  • EVER.

  • I'm begging you to manage expectations!

  • Have I ever let you down?

  • Every single goddam time.

  • Then I'm due.

  • Your Apple stock is worth $441 million

  • and your daughter and her mother

  • are on welfare!

  • She's not my daughter!

  • You must be able to see that she looks like you.

  • We will know soon enough if you are Leonardo DiVinci

  • or just THINK you are.

  • You're the only one who sees the world same way I do.

  • No one sees the world the same way you do.

  • Everyone is waiting for the Mac.

  • What are people going to do with it?

  • It's an abstract.

  • They're gonna do that.

  • Your issuing contradictory instructions.

  • You're insubordinate.

  • You make people miserable.

  • The board believes you're no longer necessary to this company.

  • I sat in a garage and invented the future.

  • Because artists lead, and hacks ask for a show of hands!

  • What you make isn't supposed to be the best part of you.

  • When you're a father

  • that's supposed to be the best part of you.

  • I'm the only one who knows that this guy

  • is someone you invented.

  • Is there a plan?

  • The plan will reveal itself to you

  • when you're ready to see it.

  • Well it's happening!

  • The comeback of a superstar!

  • - Co-founder Steven Jobs - Steve Jobs!

  • Steve Jobs is returning to Apple.

  • Two most significant events of the 20th Century:

  • The allies win the war

  • and this.

  • Ladies and gentlemen

  • Steve Jobs.

What if...


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史蒂夫-喬布斯預告片2+預告片評論又名反應:超越預告片。 (Steve Jobs Trailer 2 + Trailer Review aka Reaction : Beyond The Trailer)

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